I've already addressed this matter last year (well it seems ages ago!) when I published my first short video tutorial for the  Peel Off Liquid Tape from Born Pretty Store. Today is all about Nail polish Removal pens and how to use them for a flawless looking manicure in another short video for you.
I don't always adventure into nail art that is THAT messy as to justify all the prep that needs applying Liquid tape to your cuticles and fingers. I mean, it is obviously worthy when you go for gradients, water marbling or splatter techniques, but isn't it too much of a hassle when you just want to do some minor stamping or simply a clean manicure? I know in those cases I do not reach for liquid tape but rather an orange stick wrapped in cotton or a craft brush and acetone. Which can be also messy. You know, clumsy lady and opened bottle of acetone are NOT a good combo!

That's when these pens come in handy! These pens come in a package of five. The tip is nice andpointy to reach your cuticles with accuracy. Each pen has three extra points so you can exchange it when it is stained or damaged by the use. Pens are specially handy when you travel, so you don't need to carry a brush and acetone (which is always dangerous to carry in a suitcase!)

It is very simple to use:
Do your manicure as usual, and clean your cuticles using the pen!
As easy as cake. Watch my short video below to have a glimpse on how to use it best.

This is also a great deal, you can find the 5 Nail polish removal pens for 7.81 USD at Born Pretty Store Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

I hope you've liked this review and enjoyed my short video tutorial. Please, leave your feedback in the comments, it's always much appreciated!