Happy Friday Sweeties!
I hope you're all doing great and planning an awesome weekend. I have a nail art design to show you today, as a part of the 52 weeks challenge I'm doing. Today's prompt is "things that fly"!
How difficult to figure out things that fly is? Well I wanted to do butterfly wings, which I've already done in the past.. twice. I've done this bright manicure here and this matte lavender manicure here both were free hand jobs. This time around I didn't have time for a free hand design and my nails are super short so I went for a discreet but sweet stamping.

For this manicure I first painted my nails with Essie Virgin snow, a light lavender creme nail polish that came out with the winter collection. When that was dry I applied a coat of NYX girls dreamy glitter that I've already featured here. I waited for it to dry and stamped on it using Essence stamp me white polish and MoYou London Pro Collection - 05 plate.

I like the result because it looks a little like fairy wings, without it being too obvious, so it is sweet and very wearable! It has sparkle without it being over the top, so I'm quite happy with the result!

What do you think of this manicure? Would you wear these colours? do you prefer more explicit designs or when it is slightly "abstract"?

If you would like more ideas on manicures with "things that fly" scroll dow!! there's plenty on the inlinkz!

Life and Stuff
Yesterday was a heavy day and I can't be happier that the weekend is almost here! My baby decided to cry until quarter to midnight, and then she woke up crying every hour until 6 am when she decided we had slept enough and it was time to get up. There was no apparent reason for this behaviour, she was not hungry, her diaper was clean, she had no tenperature or signs of illness, so I just didn't have a clue. As soon as I take her in my arms, she stops crying and falls asleep. I was just assuming it was her way to tell me she'd like to spend more time with mommy instead of going to daycare. But that could be only me feeling guilty. Either that or her belly aches. Whatever the case is I spent most of my Thursday like a zombie playing catch up with my agenda, even got a phone call from the Crèche to pick the little one up... because she cried). Same story again! I went but I didn't picked the baby up. When I got there she was asleep and calm. I said I wanted the best for my child of course, but I was clear, that if I pay it is because I need someone to take care of the baby NOT ME. I Also know my baby is a smart one, and when she gets that I go to pick her up whenever she cries, then she will cry just to have what she wants: spend time with mommy. It sounds so cruel, I know, but if I want to find a job I need time to actually search for one!
Let's talk about weekend plans!! What are you doing this weekend? It seems we'll have some snow this weekend (finally!!) I hope we can have some fun with the children AND the snow.
What about you? Please, share your plans with me on the comments!