Happy Friday lovelies! Today is the 17th week of the 52 weeks challenge! woot woot we have done one third already :)
Today the theme is.... Films! Not an easy one, because doing themes like this (films, books, songs, etc) usually involve creativity and (insert horror music here) free hand painting... So let's see what I came up with.

This manicure was challenging, firstly I didn't know what film to do, then I didn't know how to represent it on the nails. So here is my best shot at representing Spectre, the latest James Bond film. There is no special reason why I chose the movie except it was the only one I saw in the Theatre last year (life with small kids, ehem...).

First I might explain the mani for those who haven't seen the film. The kind of ghostly octopus I draw in my ring finger is the "logo" of the Criminal organization called Spectre against which James Bond fights in this movie.

The rest of the nails are my best try to represent the strap of the Omega watch that James Bond wears in the movie (ok, you know I live in Switzerland and Swiss watches are a big deal to me! Also The watch has a big role in the movie, but I don't like spoilers just incase you haven't seen the movie and planning to see it).

For achieving this manicure I used: Zoya Yuna a deep shimmery grey as a base, I then painted one accent nail with Dior Silver pearl and also vertical stripes on the rest of the nails. Finally I used Essence Black is back to free hand painting the evil octopus and the same to stamp with Bundle Monster BM-XL04 trying to imitate the texture of the watch strap.

What do you think? Like it or not? I don't ask you if you would wear somenthing like this because, honestly... WHO would wear this manicure? But yeas, as an artistic experience it was pleasant and definitely makes me work on the creativity department which is always a good plus. For more original and creative ideas please check the linkup below!

What film have you watched in the Theatre lately? I'd like to go watch The Danish girl. What about you? What are you planning to watch next?
Have a wonderful weekend!!