You might have noticed how I can't get enough of stamping technique for nail art, with so many new plates and outstanding stamping polishes the possibilities are just endless. On top of that companies keep improving the tools they offer so that the task is easier than it ever was! Today we will talk about the new Clear Jelly stamper from Born Pretty Store

The idea behind this is so beyond genius I can't even... Honestly, if you have ever stamped your nails you know there are two critical moments. The first is "will the stamper pick up my image?". That one depends on the quality of the polish, the plate, and the stamper. But even when you have all the top quality products, you can still fail because of the second critical point: "will the image transfer correctly to my nail?". Believe you me, there is a myriad of things that could go wrong, and they all depend on you. It takes really a lot of practice to place the desing in the right place without distortions and get an impecable image on your nail. This is so because you are doing so "blindly".

Suddenly this new stamper changes the game! Because now you can exactly see where your image is, and where are you exactly putting it on your nail. Well, that is the theory! Let's see if this Clear Jelly stamper does what it claims in the practice.

The set contains two pieces, a stamper and a scraper (and they are lavender ♥__♥)! The stamper has a cilindric shape with ridges for a better grasp, as the most popuplar silicon stampers, except that this one is opened at its rare end. As the silicon head is completely clear,  you will be able to see through it and place your design exactly where you want it.

I had no trouble picking up the images I tried different plates and nail polishes and, of course, stamping polish did better than regular polishes. For transferring the image to the nail I found that gently rolling the stamper gave me the best result, but all in all it is a nice stamper. As the clear silicon is more delicate than regular, it is advice to clean it with adhesive tape instead of dissolvents. In any case the silicon head is replaceable and the spares can also be bought from Born Pretty Store

For the manicure above I first painted two coats of Cuccio Colours Nude-a-tude (swatches coming soon!) and waited for it to dry. I then stamped with Born Pretty Store Pink stamping polish and Bundle Monster plate  BMXL-22 . 

I am enchanted with this new stamper, so much that I will order a second one and try reverse stamping and stamping decals with it!. The Clear Jelly stamper is on offer now for 2.99 USD (instead of 4.59 USD) which is a great price for this tool!  Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase (applicable to not discounted items)  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

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I hope you've liked this review. Please, leave your feedback in the comments, it's always much appreciated!