Hello, sweeties! I hope you had a great weekend, I certainly had a blast during my boys 4th b-day party yesterday, let me know if you'd like to see some pics of the food :-9
Continuing with the "ABC Challenge", today I have another untried nail polish to show you. Today's choice is a high-end brand that is not easy to find in Switzerland, maybe easier in the bigger cities, but surely not where I live!

What is ABC Challenge?
It is a challenge, organized by Helena from Lacky Corner, we are doing with some Facebook fellows who love and collect nail polish and have a lot of colours that have never been tried.The scope of the challenge is to start using those untried nail polishes in alphabetical order! Today is the turn of letter "G".

Giorgio Armani Amethyst is here to represent the letter G in this challenge. This polish is a gorgeous deep blue shimmer, with a hint of teal. It is one of those polishes that appear blackened on the edges of the nail and glowy in the centre. I don't have a clue why it is called amethyst because I don't see amethyst colour at all. This polished was given to me by my loving husband, in fact, he got it in one of his trips to the States. I don't know why I never wore until now, it is a very elegant colour.

The consistency is good to work with and the brush makes the application very easy, you can see I applied it very close to my cuticles and I had practically zero cleaning to do. It goes a bit sheer so three coats are best. What I don't like about it is it lasts nothing on the nails. It chipped on me only a couple of hours after I applied it! It is a very expensive nail polish, which contains only 6ml. My hubby was only trying to please me bringing me a brand I didn't own, but, honestly, I kind of regret that he bought it :-/

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Have a wonderful week!