Hello my lovelies! 
Today I'd like to show you a special Chameleon nail polish from Born pretty store that was love at first sight (#oilslick alert!!) and I'd like to share my review with you.

This nail polish is unique and quite difficult to describe. In my best try I would say it is a multi chrome nail polish base with a strong shift of colour between emerald green, magenta, royal purple, bronze and blue.  A bit as oil slick but with a predominance of green instead of blue. On top of that, it also has different sizes of round green glitter. In the sunshine, you can appreciate scattered holographic shimmer, too. BAM!

The bottle contains 6 ml, and it is really small. The brush is small as well, I did not have any problems with it because my nails are a bit short now, but with longer nails it might become difficult to work with. The application was easy, the glitter was picked up without effort from the bottle and applied uniformly on the nail. I didn't notice any strong brushstrokes, the polish applies pleasantly smooth. 

It is recommended to be used over a black nail polish because duochromes are known to be sheer. I applied it over black on my pointer fingernail and on its own on the rest of the nails. It took two coats to reach the semi-opaqueness you see in the pictures, which is acceptable for me since I don't see the nail line. The main difference I see is that the black polish accentuates the green glitter, but to my eye the shifting effect is prettier with the polish by its own. It depends on everyone's taste.

The colour shift is gorgeous! I love this polish and I can instantly imagine a lot of peacock nail art variations using it. The  Chameleon nail polish retails for 12.88 USD at Born pretty store, which I personally find a bit expensive for such a small amount of polish, but if you're looking for uniqueness, you certainly are at the right place. Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

Do you like color-shifting nail polish? What do you think of this strange shade? Don't hesitate to leave me a comment!