Happy hump-day! I'm here to show you another collection from the brand Cuccio Colour, this time, nude and neutrals in the spotlight: the Nudetrales collection!
I was already very impressed by the first polishes I tried from this brand (read my review about the Royale collection here) so the bar was set up high.

I got this 10 pieces set that includes the eight colours of the Nudetrales collection, a basecoat and a topcoat all in mini sizes (3.5 ml), just as the Royale collection, the little bottles are cutesy and the set itself would make an excellent gift for a nailista. Again the collection is split in 4 crème like polishes and 4 shades with a bit of bling. But without further ado, let's take a look at the swatches.

The cremes:

Fair game:
A semi-sheer opal white. It has a delicate pearl like finish and a slight shifting colour effect which gives it that mother of pearl aspect. The consistency and the formula are easy to work with. As per usual with this kind of shades, the brushstrokes do show quite a bit. I certainly rushed the application on this one and dragged the paint. Next time I will be extra careful. I'm showing you two coats in the pics below.

Skin to Skin:
A light blush nude with hidden shimmer. This nail polish is a dream to apply, it has a great consistency to work with and great opacity with two coats. The colour is super flattering and I can't think of a skin tone that couldn't pull this off. It dries fairly fast too.

A rose toned nude with hidden shimmer. a bit deeper and cooler toned than Skin to skin, I can't wait to wear this when I'm tanned! I don't want to bore you repeating this, consistency and formulation are very good, making the nail polish a pleasure to apply and drying fairly fast (copy-paste the last sentence for the following 6 polishes ;-) )

Oh naturalé:
A neutral toned almond creme with subtle shimmer. I find this one looks nice against my skin and I also think it will be a great canvas for nail art!

The crèmes all have subtle or hidden shimmer which makes the colours more interesting than a plain crème. These polishes have a very good formulation and consistency, not too thick not too thin, they are opaque in two coats (with the exception of Fair game that could use a third), glossy on their own and they dry fast. My pictures above show two coats of each colour with basecoat but without topcoat.

The glittery ones

Blush hour
An amaranth pink crème with fine golden glitter. This is a gorgeous shade for spring, I love it to pieces! (now I wish I had a coordinated lipstick :P).

Sun Kissed
A salmon shade loaded with fine golden glitter. A very pretty shade that played me a practical joke! I couldn't find the pictures of my swatches in any of my files, I only noticed as I was writing this post, so I will swatch it again and upload the pic a.s.a.p.

Grey's Anatomy
A medium slate grey filled with fine golden glitter.

Olive you
A medium grey with and olive tinge and loaded with fine golden glitter.

The glittery shades have a thin consistency, but not runny. They are easy to apply and take two coats to be fully opaque. They are glossy on their own, they don't show the slightest  trace of brushstrokes, dry super fast, don't stain and are easy to remove. My only critic goes, again, against the mini brush which is not my favourite, but I suppose the full sized bottles carry a better brush. So bad that I haven't tested one of those yet! I might make a note as soon as I try one.

All the Cuccio Colours nail polishes are formulated without DBP and Toluene, they are exclusive to nail Salons and specialized distributors. In Switzerland, they are available at beautykosm.ch, the 10 pieces mini size set retails for 59 CHF and the full-size 13ml bottles from 15 CHF.

What do you think of these colours? Is there any of them you would wear? I am personally thrilled to have a wider choice of high-quality brands in Switzerland!