Hi my lovelies! I was supposed to write a post about Easter nail art yesterday for it to go live early this morning. But after the tragic events in Brussels, I was too overwhelmed and not really in the mood for nail art. I know this blog is supposed to be an escape valve from the world, but yesterday, and today, I feel like going on like nothing happened it is just not right. I don't want to make comments or go into a deep analysis or debate the facts, there are way too many people doing this at the moment. I just want to send a virtual hug to all the affected people and their families. I wish terrorism to stop! Please, stop!

Easter is for Christians the most important religious celebration of the year. Yes, even more important than Christmas, because it is the very base of our Faith in Jesus. It is a celebration of LIFE and JOY, because we remember the resurrection of Jesus and how He saved humanity. But it is also a period of deep introspection and reflexion. I am a Christian and a religious person. As such I feel the most profound respect for other religious people, whatever their religion is, but also for people who aren't religious at all. For most religions taught us tolerance and love to others. Right now, I am not liking many of the debates about the tragic terrorist attacks pointing and accusing the different one, the Muslim, the foreigners and the Islam altogether. Right now we are suffering the loss of many innocent people and on top of it we are stigmatizing other innocent people.

On Maundy Thursday and Good Friday, when we Christians remember how Jesus was tortured and killed, when we try to understand that evil part of humanity, when we introspect our minds and souls, when we decide to be better, to try to repair our mistakes and become better people, I would really love the whole world could see there is no way out of this through hate and more violence. I hope God will enlighten the mind of our leaders and authorities so that they find a peaceful solution. I wish wars to stop. I wish bombs to stop. I wish to live in a better world. I wish this Easter we could actually be re-born with our Saviour.

I know that you will understand what I mean, even if we don't share the same religion or culture. The desire of peace is universal (well, except for the weapon manufacturers).

What are your wishes for Easter?