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Hello sweeties! I hope you are doing great after a long weekend and ready to kick-off this Tuesday! Today I have the pleasure to host a post by the talented Amy, who is going to tell us everything about her personal experience with Organic Skin care and cosmetics. Keep reading after the jump!

Why I decided to switch to organic cosmetics

I remember when I was younger that I had a dreadful period dealing with acne outbreaks and all kinds of different skin irritations and conditions. I started feeling like one of those girls from infomercials, complaining how I tried every product and still nothing worked. Somewhere in that period began the trend of organic cosmetics and suddenly everybody was using it. So I thought: "Why not give it a try?" That is where my story begins and that is why I decided to share my experience with you.

They Are Eco Friendly

When I started using these organic products I wanted to get informed about the environmental benefits it brought with it. So I started watching documentaries and reading blogs on this subject. I truly could not believe how much pollution and waste gets created by all those synthetic products I used on everyday basis. On the contrary, organic cosmetics are made from natural ingredients which do not pollute our environment nor harm the planet we live in.

They Have No Harsh Chemicals


Thinking about all the damaging effects these products had on the environment I started asking myself some crucial questions. For instance, if those synthetic products can do such grave damage to our planet, what are they doing to my health? The harmful chemicals contained in those seemingly harmless and cute bottles of perfume could cause some serious health conditions. The organic kind is free from all these harmful toxins and does not cause any inflammations, rashes or skin irritations. So the next time you notice that your skin is flaming up, ask yourself what have you just applied on your face?

They Are Gentle On the Skin

I always had sensitive skin which requires special care. After I found out about organic cosmetics I started researching about nourishing compounds and ingredients that could nurture my skin. Soon enough I found that beside organic make up, ointments, shampoos and shower gels there were all kinds of organic face masks that could help my sensitive skin become healthy and hydrated. And after some time I could finally see a remarkable difference in my skin texture, elasticity and moisture. And you know what? No more skin inflammations nor acne outbreaks!

They Are Nutrient Rich

One of the most difficult tasks for me was finding suitable everyday creams that would feed my skin and get rid of those dry patches. This was mostly expressed during winter when my skin would become so dry it would resemble sandpaper. Until I switched to organics, I thought that I was forever condemned to dry patches and red circles on my whole body. Fortunately, these cosmetics are nutrient rich, meaning they give your skin the care it deserves, making it soft and gentle, something I thought I would never live to witness.

They Protect From Premature Aging

Another thing that I found quite unpleasant were premature signs of aging - sun spots, brown patches, wrinkles and deep lines. Fortunately, I found about organic cosmetics in time to get rid of the first signs of aging . I am aware, of course, that they will not make me immortal, but it feels so good not seeing those fine lines and wrinkles every time I look in the mirror.
Because I fought these small battles for years and I know how unpleasant and tiring they can be, I felt like sharing my experience with all of you who can relate to these kinds of problems. These are just some of the benefits of organic cosmetics that I thought were important to mention. Are you using organic cosmetics?

About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is a lifestyle blogger and an Aussie expat living in the UK. Check out Beausmith blog, her lifestyle blog where she blogs about many things including beauty and fashion!