Ok, I admit it. Nail art is not MANDATORY, but without it, I feel "naked"  (yes, I'm THAT sick). Yet, my present circumstances don't allow me with enough free time to sit and create amazing free hand painted designs or unique intricated techniques. The last part of 2015 and the beginning of 2016 will be remembered on my nail art journal as the "slap it and go" period (more LOL). I have been reaching for every simple and quick nail art technique that was put under my nose and these Born Pretty Store Vinyl sticker guides are definitely one of them! 

The 10 Tips/Sheet Nail Vinyls/Nail Stencil Stickers come in a sheet containing 10 pieces of rectangular stencils made of vinyl in different widths: 2x 18mm, 2x 16mm, 2x15mm and 4x 14mm. The total length of all the sticker is about 30mm which is really long. There are many patterns to choose from, I chose number K-009

Now I will show you how to create nail art with these pieces of vinyl or stencils.

I advise you to use some tweezers to pick up the vinyl from the back paper so that they won't bend and stick to themselves, that would ruin the vinyls. The vinyl is sturdy and quite thick, there is no risk to tear the stencils while manipulating them. In fact, I think they can't be torn at all!

After you applied your nail polish (or basecoat) and allow it to dry very well, you can place your vinyl on the nails to creat the designs. You ca choose to put them vertically or horizontally as you please. You will notice these have a very gentle adhesive and do not stick terribly hard as some stencils I have tried (some stencils have even torn my base polish!). With this that will not happen, the stencils are even easy to re-adjust or change position without any issue.

You can see that they cover my nail completely and there is plenty of space (around 12 mm) left on the free edge. So I would say ladies with very long nails are safe with these. For short nails, these could be even cut in halves and used twice. Once you placed the vinyls as you wanted you can proceed to decorate your nails. At this point, there are many things you can do: you could paint directly with a different color nail polish (as I did) or applied nail polish with a sponged for a gradient or multicolored effect, or applied clear polish and loose glitter, or paint with acrylic paint, whatever you fancy!

I applied a thin coat of Butter Londo Gosh a gorgeous rose gold chrome polish and this was the result as you see in the picture above.

If you are wondering, the base color is Cuccio Color in Blush hour, over which I applied the stencils in different directions: on the index and middle I applied them horizontally and then painted a French tip, while on the pinkie and ring fingers I applied the vinyls vertically. For this manicure I only used ONE vinyl!! That means I could do several manicures out of one sheet!

I am loving these  Nail Vinyls/Nail Stencil Stickers and I totally recommend them for decorating your nails in a super easy and fast way. This item retails for 3.99 USD and can be found at Born Pretty StoreRemember you can have 10% off of your purchase (applicable to not discounted items)  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

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I hope you've liked this review. Please, leave your feedback in the comments, it's always much appreciated!