I have the most exciting news: The Skincare world has a newborn! The prestigious Italian Fashion Group Gattinoni has recently launched a whole skincare line for face and body called Gattinoni Cosmetics. I've been lucky enough to have tested two face creams from their range and I'm ready to tell you all about them.

Gattinoni Cosmetics offers a luxury skincare range, aimed to fight the negative effects of aging and contributing to a younger and healthier skin. Their range consists of two body products: one moisturizing body snail cream and a reductive cream with green coffee, as well as three face products: a Snail cream, a Viper venom cream and a lift Serum with hyaluronic acid.

For the face creams, the packaging of the prestigious company is made out of violet glass, which effectively blocks the full specter of the light ensuring that the products remain unaltered for a long time.

I could test two of the face creams and today I'll tell you my experience with them.

SNAIL FACE CREAM: Fight the wrinkles

Snail slime is a known potent antioxidant which also protects the skin from free radicals, purifying the skin, improving tone and elasticity. The snail cream is good against wrinkles because it contains allantoina, which regenerates elastin and collagen to the skin, vitamines and mucopolissacarids with nourishing and moisturizing effects, as well as glycolic acid, with a gentle exfoliation and cleansing effect.

Being honest with you, as I've always been, when I was offered the opportunity to test this cream, I had to make a bit of an effort not to think about snails because they disgust me a bit. But I'm glad I did because this cream really impressed me.

The consistency is quite lightweight, it's absorbed fairly quickly and does not leave the face oily at all despite all the emollient ingredients. It does not have a scent, but it is not completely odorless. I know many people prefer no perfume in skincare, but to me, it could use a little fragrance to make it more pleasant.

My own experience

When I first applied this cream, my face felt immediately moisturized and silky, the moisture effect lasted through the night and my skin looked and felt very soft the next morning.  I also used it during the day and quite like it under my makeup.

I discovered that applying slightly more cream and massaging the face I could get a very gently exfoliation, which is very welcome once in a while.

After a few days of use, I noticed my skin definitely smoother and brighter, the lines in my forehead appear to be smoother, my dry patches have almost disappeared and my discolorations appear to be lighter. In fact, my skin discoloration areas are much dryer and with larger pores than the rest of my skin, and this cream seems to be normalizing those bits.

Does it do what it claims?

I believe I need to use it a little longer to see any effect on wrinkles (I do have a few around the eyes, but I haven't been applying the cream in that area)

Snail Face Cream retails for €85 and is now available at www.vitaleaf.it website.

Relaxes and soothes skin, prevents expression lines

The viper venom is used in cosmetics as an alternative to the discussed “Botox” as it contains polypeptides able to stretch and smooth the expression lines.

If the idea of "viper venom" on your cream scares the heck out of you (it certainly scared me), be reassured, because I have done my own small ingredient research! The cream in question contains Dipeptide diaminobutyroyl benzylamide diacetate (wow what a mouthful) which is a synthetic neuro peptide that mimics the effect of a peptide found in viper's venom known for its muscle relaxing properties preventing the formation of expression lines. So, no "real" viper venom" here.

Other ingredients in the list are aminoacids and peptides with revitalizing and moisturizing effect, argan and almond oils, which are well-known emollients, marigold extract and B vitamins which are soothing and protective.

This cream can be used as a day cream and a night treatment and it is suitable for mature and also younger skin.

The cream has a very similar consistency to the Snail Cream, it also sinks in fairly quickly without leaving oily or greasy impression on the skin.

My own experience

I started using this cream after one week using the Snail Cream, so my skin was significantly better than it used to be, however, I noticed on the first application that my skin felt a bit tighter. I specially massaged the forehead area (where the lines of expression disturb me the most) and to my eyes, those lines appear smoother. On the moisturizing side, I had the impression the snail cream was a bit better than this one, especially for my dry skin.

I also tried it in my very sensitive eye area (I was a bit apprehensive of doing so) but everything went just fine, I had no irritations and also had the impression my skin was slightly tighter than usual.

Does it do what it claims?

I would say yes. It definitely smoothes and soothes the skin reducing the appearance of expression lines. Is it a miracle that will make me look 20 years younger? Nope. But it certainly helps, and I would recommend it to a friend who was looking for an alternative to botox.

Viper Venom Face Cream retails for €88 and is now available at www.vitaleaf.it website.


As a bottom line, I am very pleased with the Gattinoni creams I've tested, specially the Sanil Cream which will certainly find a place in my beauty routine.

Gattinoni by Vitaleaf has recently launched their online boutique at: www.vitaleaf.it where you can find the whole Gattinoni skincare range with a special discount of 15% for my dear readers! You just need to enter the code NAT15 at checkout to apply the discount.
You can also visit Gattinoni Cosmetic Facebook page to learn the latest news about the brand and interesting offers.

Have you heard about Gattinoni before? What is your impression of the creams I just presented? Do you care about anti-age cosmetics? Don't hesitate to tell me all in the comments!