Hello, sweeties!
How are you doing? Just to get away for a while from all those pastel, macaron, skittle shades that we usually adore for Spring, but that after a while, start to feeding us up, I'm bringing you one gorgeous berry red nail polish. I find it so freaking sexy I can't even.
This is Zoya Veronica, another untried for the "ABC Challenge"!
What is ABC Challenge?
It is a challenge, organized by Helena from Lacky Corner, we are doing with some Facebook fellows who love and collect nail polish and have a lot of colours that have never been tried.The scope of the challenge is to start using those untried nail polishes in alphabetical order! Today is the turn of letter "V".

Zoya Veronica is a gorgeous deep berry red shade, with a hint of blue. Some people considered it as a wine shade too. Whatever you'd like to call it, I find it flattering and sexy, good for any occasion.

Veronica was launched with Zoya Entice collection for Fall 2014. That Fall I spent 3 months coming in and out of hospital while being recently pregnant with my second child... and that explains why I was not in the mood for painting my nails a lot and this little beauty (as the whole collection in fact) remained untried!

I never have problems with Zoya crème polishes, I think they are excellent indeed! This is another example, it applies like a dream and only two coats are needed for great opaque and smooth coverage. I am showing two coats with topcoat.

What do you think deep red polish? Do you wear this kind of shades? If you like Veronica you can purchase it at www.beautykosm.ch
Please, do visit  my challenge mates here below for more beautiful nail polish swatches :)

Have a great week!