Hello, sweeties!
That's it! We arrived to letter "Z"!! The last appointment with the ABC Challenge, and it's time to show your a Zoya nail polish, which to my eye is perfectly suitable for the season! 
What is ABC Challenge?
It is a challenge, organized by Helena from Lacky Corner, we are doing with some Facebook fellows who love and collect nail polish and have a lot of colours that have never been tried.The scope of the challenge is to start using those untried nail polishes in alphabetical order! Today is the turn of letter "Z".

Zoya Wendy is a pretty and bright melon shade that was launched for Summer 2014 in the Tickled collection. This was one of my favourite zoya Summer collections, I have worn each colour a lot except this one, so it was time for me to try it, right? This shade gave me some trouble photographing, because the colour just rfused to accurately show on my pics. In real life this is just a tad less pink and more peach, if that makes any sense.

I can't rave enough about Zoya crème polishes, this is two coats without topcoat and look how siny it is! It was super easy to apply, formula and finish are superb. I also love the fact this brand is 5BFree and I'm so happy every time I receive a package from the brand. 

What do you think deep red polish? Do you wear this kind of shades? If you like Wendy you can purchase it at www.beautykosm.ch

I am happy this challenge is over and that I have used many of my untried colours. I was becoming a bit tired of swatching these polishes, because I kept having ideas for posts related to spring and instead I posted for this. Lesson learnt, twice per week is too much for me to engage specially because I am already doing a nail art challenge. I know that for next time! That being said, please stay tuned for a recap of the whole ABC, it is really recomforting seeing how many untrieds I've crossed from my list and it is handy to have all the pics in one place :)

Please, do visit  my challenge mates here below for the last post of this series! :)

Have a great week!