Last year, I received the biggest, greatest, most awesome mother's day gift a woman can dream of: my baby girl was born that day! As anyone can hardly compete with that, this year I'm keeping it low profile, and my wishlist has only items from $5 to $30. I thought to share it with you, in case you haven't found the gift for your mom yet!
I do not know about you, but I'm about to be fed up with April's showers and I need some serious warm temperature and sunshine NOW. Unfortunately, the weather is among the many things I can't control, so to give me the impression we are actually heading to the Summer (there's hope at the end of the tunnel) I like sporting Sping-like and summery looks. Well, this is not always possible, as the chill comes and goes forcing us to keep the jackets at hand, but whatever is you are wearing, you can always ACCESSORIZE! right?

That's basically why my mother's day wish list is filled with Summery accessories!

There is nearly nothing that represents Summer better than a straw sun hat. Can you believe I don't own one?? It is true that is not as versatile of an accessory, I mean it's only appropriate for weekends, I certainly wouldn't go to the office with one. Still, I can totally picture myself taking a walk, jumping on a Ferry boat, or simply chilling by the lake with this hat on! 

The next most coveted thing for me is a white strap watch! When summertime begins, I automatically switch to a white wrist watch, because it is CHIC, fresh, and goes so well with lighter or colorful outfits I usually wear during this period of the year. I'm not going to lie, I already own one (or more) white strap watch(es), but not a rose gold one. For €25 I suppose it is a nice opportunity

Of course, you already know I love color, so I like me some nice colorful jewelry to pair with an all white look which I only dare in Summer. These are really affordable earrings and rings for less than €5 each!

Last, but certainly not least, an awesome XL shopper bag, (which includes a crossbody bag inside!)  ♥__♥ ! This has to be my next beach bag, and it costs only 30€, how can you beat that. It took me some time to decide which color I would like better: there's a pale blue, a navy blue, an off white and a rose gold! Finally, I chose the last, to pump my glamour factor and because gold matches everything.

The reason why this is a personal wishlist and not a list of possible gifts for my mom, is simply that my mom lives in Argentina, where Mother's day is in October! Although I think about her all year round, I still have plenty of time for choosing that special gift for her day.

What is in your mother's day wish list? What will you be gifting to your mom? Don't hesitate to share your wishlist in the comments!


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