Hello, sweeties! happy hump-day! Bonjour tout le monde!
I like my blog being my hobby, and I like to make it varied. I try to post about a little bit of makeup, a bit of skincare, nail art and nail polish swatches. However I've noticed lately my nail polish swatches have been purely on press samples, not polishes I've actually chosen myself. Don't get me wrong, most of them are truly beautiful, and I'm more than grateful to have added them to my collection and to have tried nail art with those. But I still want to include some swatches of my most beloved nail colours which I've bought myself. I'll try to do so more often. So, today, I have one of my favorite indie polish to show you, it is one with a strange name but a very lovely and unique one!

This is The stars look very different today from Pahlish, which is a gorgeous ink blue jelly, with hexagon, triangle and star shaped glitter in different colours and sizes. Honestly, how cute are those little star glitters? I love this polish! Despite it being a jelly and being packed with large glitter, it is super easy to work with, the consistency is very good and the glitters show perfectly through the polish and do not sit on top at all, so it does not feel gritty but some of the largest glitters do pop. I've applied only one coat of topcoat, but it would look much better with two, to even everything out.

My pictures show two coats with topcoat, except on the pinkie where I've applied only one coat

This kind of polish are a statement by themselves, no nail art needed to have a very special manicure, so I think these indies are great when you are in a rush but still want an awesome manicure. I honestly think this looks like a galaxy nail art on its own!

What do you think of this nail polish? Do you own this or any similar one? Would you wear something like it? Don't hesitate to leave me a comment!