Hi There! How are you doing?
Spring is here, the weather is sunny and lovely and I have just put together the second part of my own Season's makeup challenge. Are you feeling inspired to join me? Keep reading, then.

If you want to know the reasons that motivated this challenge, please, head over here.
This challenge is very simple: at the beginning of a season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall) I will choose some pieces of makeup from my stash and post them here. By the end of that season I shall post how well (or not) I've done using them up, and propose new pieces for the following season.
Last week was the June solstice and, as promised, I posted my Spring round-up. I stuck for three months to my choices (mostly) yet did not make a great evolution in my project pan. Instead of discouraging me or obsessing about those unfinished products, I decided I'll take it lightly and concentrate on the fact I'm actually using makeup I haven't been reaching for in a long time. I decided that would be reason enough  to continue the challenge even if I don't finish the products, I won't feel so bad when I throw them away!

For the third part of this Challenge I will choose mainly cream products, especially blush and eyeshadows, because those tend to expire or dry out sooner than powders. My picks for the summer challenge are:

The lippies

I haven't finished even one of the lippies I've included in the challenge so far. So instead of choosing less, I'm including more lip products! Yes, I know it doesn't sound very logical, but the main reason why I wasn't reaching often for the lippies IN the challenge was that I had no variety. So I figured I would try a mix of gloss and matte, sheer and opaque, bright and neutral for this summer, and I came up with this choice!

From left to right :

Chanel Glossimer 166 Amour
L'oréal Lipgloss 204 Tangerine Sonate
YSL Baby doll Kiss & blush #4 Orange Fougueux

My NYX round lipsticks collection is rather large and I have had most of them for way too long It's time to use them more frequently, I've chosen these three:
NYX Round lipstick 521 Chloe
NYX Round lipstick 643 Femme
NYX Round lipstick 611 Peony

The eyeshadows:

Unlike the previous editions there are no palettes here. I thought cream products are what goes to waste quicker and thought to attack them first. I went for neutral and green! I like some green in summer, and I also wanted to challenge myself to wear more green eyeshadow. Here are my choices.

Manhattan Endless stay duo eyeshadow 2 Emerald Elegance
Maybelline Color Tattoo 24hr #35 On and on Bronze
Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow 57 Blackstream
Chanel Stylo Eyeshadow 37 Jade Shore

The bronzer:

Diorskin Nude tan Paradise Duo 002 Coral Glow

The blushes

Le blush crème de Chanel in #62 Présage

DiorBlush Cheek creme 971 Paréo

Here you are my first FOTD for this challenge:

I will put these pieces in my everyday makeup bag and I will use them for my daily make-up. Then on Thursday 22nd September, the astronomical end of Summer and beginning of Fall, I will post the updates with pictures to see how well I've done using these pieces up!

Now is your turn: Do you have some makeup in your collection that needs to be loved? You are most welcome to join me in this challenge!