Happy Friday sunshines! 
We are having the most delicious summer weather so far, and I enjoy it so much. The weekends smell like holidays already, I truly hope we can spend some time outdoors this weekend too :)

As every Friday I have a new nail art design to share with you today. The 40th prompt for the 40 Great nail art ideas challenge is "Pink and Aqua" which is such a sumery combo in my opinion! Shall we take a closer look?
For today's colour prompt, my personal technique was "pattern on pattern", which is actually not a proper technique but a type of design that can be achieved in many ways. I chose the easy path with stamping. The main challenge in this case, was avoiding the design from being overly charged and busy looking. It can be very hard to have two patterns superposed without the impression of a hot mess.

In an effort for trying to keep things simple, I decided to paint my nails in colour aqua using H&M U must have this (a very old nailpolish). Then I stamped my thumb, middle and ring fingernails using Born Pretty stamping polish #9 a lovely baby blue and Moyou London Fashionista 04 plate some zigzag and chevron patterns. I intentionally chose a colour very close to the base colour so that the first layer pattern would be a subtle one. For the "pattern on pattern" effect I chose to stamp a flower pattern from a flowery pattern from Moyou London plate Festive-13 using  BP stamping polish #21 (a bright pink) on all the nails.

I think the best pattern on pattern effect is achieved when only one of the colours contrast and the other is more subtle or close in tone to the base colour and when at least one of the patterns has a very opened and sparse design, as it is the case of the tiny flowers. Of course, you could do whatever you prefer!

I actually like the contrast of colours and how the pink pops over the bright aqua shade! What do you think? Would you wear this kind of nail art for summer?

Do not forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates to see what great nail designs they've done in pink and aqua. Have a wonderful weekend!