Hello my lovelies! 
Today I'd like to show you a special Chameleon nail polish from Born pretty store that was love at first sight (#oilslick alert!!) and I'd like to share my review with you.

I love duochrome or multichrome nailpolishes. This one is the classic oilslick type of polish with a colour shifting from petrol blue, to radiant purple, through hintes of dark green. The shift of colour is very strong and beautiful and my pictures don't do justice at all to this polish!

The bottle contains 10 ml, which is a regular amount for a standard nail polish. The brush is regular size and on the thin side, but very flexible and pretty nice to paint with. The application was easy, without effort or brushstrokes, it applied uniformly on the nail and did not bleed to the cuticles or anything of the sort. Thumbs up! It dries fairly fast too.

It is recommended to be used over a black nail polish because duochromes are known to be sheer. I applied it over black on all my fingernails except the pinkie where I applied it on its own. It took only one coat over black to full opacity, and three coats on its own to achieve the semi-opaqueness you see in the pictures. Put aside opacity I do not see any great differences in the effect. 

The colour shift is gorgeous! I love this polish and I can instantly imagine it will be a beautiful base for nail art.  The  Chameleon nail polish retails currently for 6.99 USD down from 15.88 at Born pretty store. If you enjoy colour shifting nail polish, you are at the right place! Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

Do you like color-shifting nail polish? What do you think of this shade? Don't hesitate to leave me a comment!