Hello, sweeties! How are you?
I'm very excited today because after a hard week where the children and I came down with some kind of virus that made us postpone our vacation, we are finally OFF to ITALY! I can't be happier to spend some warm sunny days with my hubby and the children and of course: BRING ALL THE FOOD!!
There still will be some scheduled posts here (continue reading after the jump to find out), but I plan to be more active on Snapchat at least when we'll approach civilisation, lol, as we'll be spending a week in the country in the middle of nowhere, how exciting! Add me on Snapchat so we can keep in contact!!
Among the 3'000'000'000'000 things I'd like to do on this vacation, there is visiting italian family and multiple makeup stores, counting stars with my son, hiking a bit, swimming with my baby girl, eating delicious food and shopping!

The upcoming blogging week is a bit more relaxed than usual (hey, vacation mode on!) but I wouldn't miss the Monday Shadow Challenge for anything, so you can expect a new makeup look tomorrow. On Wednesday, a review of a nail art product that has become a staple on my nail routine and on Friday a new nail art that may leave you hypnotised.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful Sunday and see you on Snapchat!