Korean Beauty: face mask

Hi, Sweeties! How are you today?
It's time to share with you about one more Korean Beauty product, and it is a facial mask again,  Benton Snail Bee High content mask pack, which actually wowed me!

Korean Beauty: face mask

I have already tested the Innisfree Green Tea mask and the Etude House Collagen facial mask and The Face Shop - Face mask with Honey extract. You can find my opinion on all of them here.

The Benton Snail Bee mask was kindly sent to me by the BoOonBox online store. It contains Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (otherwise known as green tea), Snail Secretion Filtrate instead of water. Aloe and Bee Venom extract, all of which hydrate, smoothen, soothe and repair irritated and damaged skin, improve skin tone and skin texture. This mask is a good alternative to combat some skin breakouts, itchiness and irritations, as well as skin dehydration.

Korean Beauty: face mask

Very clearly stated: wrinkle improvement, brightening, skin-soothing.

It is not bad at all, since all necessary information is also written in English.

Korean Beauty: face mask

Mask shape and application
This is a 100% pure cotton sheet mask packed in concentrated active ingredients that deeply nourishes the skin. Of all the sheet masks I've worn this qualifies among the softest feeling, it is a pleasure to apply and it adapts very well to the face. The cut out holes for the mouth and eyes are bigger than the other brands masks, thumbs up for that!

The main ingredients are:
Green Tea: anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, anti-oxidant
Snail Secretion Filtrate: anti-aging, repair damage skin, hydration
Aloe: soothe rritated skin, moisturizes
Bee Venom: „natural Botox“, firms saggy and wrikled skin
Serves all skin types specially for acne prone skin.
It does not contain parabens, fragrance or alcohol! So it is a very good one for sensitized skin. However, if your skin is very sensitive it is always advised to do a small test first.

Korean Beauty: face maskPersonal Experience
The masks gives a cooling sensation upon application, which increase with the time of pose (10-20 minutes). I left the mask for about 20 minutes, then remove it and massage the remaining product into the skin. The skin felt IMMEDIATELY plumped and smoother. But what surprised me the most was that the next day my skin looked so much brighter, firmer and my expression lines much softer!

This is not my first experience with Snail or Bee based cosmetics, and I know my skin reacts wonderfully to both! I even adopted a Snail cream as a daily routine for a while because I was in love with how my skin looked (see my review about Gattinoni Snail cream here). Unfortuntely that cream is too expensive for me to repurchase it frequently. That is why I am so excited about this mask. What can I say? I m already placing my order for a few of these, because the good news is that these only cost 2.30 CHF each at BoOonBox online store.

Have you already try Snail or bee based cosmetic products? what is your opinion? If you are tempted to try, I think this mask might be a good start!