Hello, sweeties! How is your weekend going?
As I told you on Friday, we are very excited that tomorrow is our boy's first day of school! Everything is set and ready :) so I thought to occupy my mind with some blogging for not getting too emotional, hihihi. Today, I'd like to show my shopping during my vacation in Italy! As Italian prices are lower than Swiss ones in general and as it was the summer sales everywhere, after my long no buy period, I went a little overboard, hehe. I divided my purchases in three groups, and I'll be writing three short-ish haul posts: Hair & body careMakeup and Fashion!

Would you like to see what I got?

I decided I wanted to buy only Italian brands, mostly stuff that can't be found elsewhere. I was very curious by many organic and natural brands, but not being able to buy them all, I decided to get the items that made me the most curious.

Shower gel, organic, L'erboristica

L'Erboristica di Athenas is a Made in Italy brand I've never heard of, but the packaging immediately caught my eye! Is a brand that doesn't use SLES, no mineral oils, No silicones, no parabens, no dyes or solvents added. The brand is also cruelty-free and engaged in the reduction of CO2 emissions. The choice of products in this brand was LARGE, and you can check it here www.athenas.it they carry face, body and hair products. It was very difficult to choose, but due to space limitations (my suitcase) I could only get two items I finally decided to get two shower gels, one with Argan oil and the other with Neroli and Green Tea.

Barex Italiana Volumelux Shampoo and conditioner

The choice of Made in Italy hair care brands was so huge, I slightly hyperventilated in the shop. I took a deep breath and told myself I would come back to Italy many times and eventually try other things. Barex Italiana immediately caught my attention, but I really couldn't say what it was! May be the packaging? It's nothing special though. The products have an accessible price and  I thought it would be also nice to try some volumizing shampoo and conditioner from the brand and see what it's like. In case you're curious you can find out more here www.barexitaliana.com 

Macadamia Oil complex Phytorelax Laboratories

The Macadamia Oil Complex from Phytorelax Laboratories, was another one that caught my eye. You can totally blame the bright orange packaging this time. It is a leave-in treatment that promises to repair, hydrate and give shine to damaged hair. http://www.phytorelax.it/

Diego dalla palma leave in anti-frizz conditioner

This was the first brand that rang a bell, Diego Dalla Palma. I've read many nice reviews about makeup products from this brand, so I thought to try a hair care item, just out of curiosity. I chose this leave-in anti frizz conditioner that should also be heat-protectant. www.diegodallapalma.it

Omnia botanica Organic hand cram with Rosa Mosqueta oil

Last but not least, there is this hand cream from Omnia Botanica. I can't begin to tell you how hard was to choose only one product from this brand. Honestly, I would love to test almost everything from it! But, again, couldn't bring all that with me. I really needed a good hand cream, and thought it would be a great start with this brand. www.omniabotanica.it

So far, I've tried the shower gels and the hand cream. I haven't opened any of the hair products yet because I've been testing other products. But I would love to share more detailed information with you! Does something in my haul call your attention? Would you like me to review any of these? Please, let me know what you think in the comments!


The upcoming blogging week is a very interesting one. Tomorrow a new FOTD for the Monday Shadow Challenge, on Tuesday I'll share my opinion on a skin care item I've been testing (it's a good one, so don't miss it!). On Wednesday the second part of my collab with House of Makeup Switzerland. For Thursday I've prepared a colorful post -I don't want to say more, shh-. Finally on Friday, a new nail art for SHORT nails. Stay tuned!


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