Nail art │Things in the water [layered stamping]

Nail art layered stamping marine landscape

Hello, sweeties! Happy Friday!
Right now I am feeling excited as a child, and the reason is on Monday my big boy will start SCHOOL!! I have a mix of feelings going on, it's very difficult to explain! I'm excited, a bit anxious, impatient, happy, a bit moved... all-in-one. This baby of mine is already four years old, and he'll start a path of his own. So, let's keep moving, and not thinking too much about it or I'll start crying.
INTO the NAILZZZ! As every Friday I'm bringing to you a new nail art manicure for the 40 Great Nail Art Ideas, today's prompt is "Things in the water".

Nail art layered stamping marine landscape

"Things in the water" was a bit confusing to me as a topic. You know, if you read it literally, it could be anything. Anything could be in the water. From a Shark to an olive... But as we all know I'm not extraordinarily artsy, I just went with a "traditional" idea. I've tried to recreate an underwater landscape (or is it "seascape"?), but as I don't have the hand painting talent required I simply used the stamping technique. More precisely, I did "layered stamping". I put it simply: I just stamped several times on each nail, superposed images using different colours.

For this particular manicure I started with two coats of  Born Pretty Chameleon Nail polish, let it dry, and then stamped 5 layers using the MoYou London Sailor Collection #10 Stamping plate and 5 different Born Pretty Store stamping polishes A metallic blue(#35), an emerald green (#18), a Spring green (#12), a baby blue (#9) and a hotpink (#21).

Nail art layered stamping marine landscape

Here you are some tips on how to create your own stamping landscape without it turning it into a total mess:

  • To give the illusion of depth, use smaller designs first and big designs later.
  • Start with whole-nail images that will give a background to your landscape (like bubbles, zig-zag pattern, etc.
  • Use the single subject images at the end (like a flower, an animal, etc)
  • To avoid having a colour mess, start with more subtle colours, leaving more vivid ones for the end. 
  • Or start with colours more similar to your base polish and leave the most contrasting for the end. 

Nail art layered stamping marine landscape

I quite like the outcome of this stamping, not something wearable at every occasion but definitely a bit artsy after all!

What do you think of this mani? For more ideas and inspiration on "things in the water" head to my challenge mates!

Have a beautiful weekend!