Coastal Scents Revealed review

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It's crazy how some simple, superficial stuff can excite a gal. But, there is something about nice makeup that just wins me over every time, especially when we are talking eyeshadow palettes. I simply can't say no to a neutral palette, and today I have a very cool one to share with you: the Coastal Scents Revealed palette. Keep reading to see how this palette looks like and what I think about it!

Coastal Scents Revealed House of Makeup Switzerland

A few weeks ago the lovely Nicole from House of Makeup Switzerland contacted me for a collaboration and, of course, I immediately jumped in! Her shop carries all sorts of amazing and affordable makeup brands, they have a few of my makeup must haves: The Balm, BH cosmetics (you know how I love it) NYX, Milani, Real Techniques, Sleek, among many others. Instead, I thought to explore some brands I have never tried before, in order to test them myself and share my opinion with you.

I picked the Revealed Palette from Coastal Scents and a blending brush from the brand Vanity Tools. Both very affordable, thumbs up for that :D

Coastal Scents Revealed Palette

Coastal Scents Revealed packaging

I've been hearing and reading about Coastal Scents makeup for years now, but never tried anything from the brand. I thought it was about time that changed. This palette was launched a while ago and it was a big buzz because it was said to dupe many shades of the Urban Decay Naked palettes 1 and 2. I wouldn't know since I only own Naked 3, and my purpose it is not to dupe any other palette.
I haven't read any reviews on it, so I did not know what to expect. My first impression was very good!

Packaging and colour choice

The Revealed palette contains 20 shades and comes in a ultraslim format made of cardboard. The lid holds nicely with a tight magnetic closure. Nothing fancy, but very practical, especially for travelling. This must be the slimest of all my palettes.

The shades are varied in finishes and undertones, from matte to satin and shimmery shadows, as well as warm, cool and neutral toned shades, making it suitable for every skintone.

The palette is well built colour wise, as the colours are not just randomly put but they are thought to work well with each other. I point that out because some other affordable palettes do not pay attention to this point that is crucial for me.

The top row of the palette contains suitable colours for browbone and inner corner highlighter, but also some crease or transition shades. I love the choices of matte browns for that purpose, there is a cool, a warm one and even a more "neutral one"!

The bottom row contains the colours that will be typically used on the mobile lid, lashlines or the outer corner, and a very nice matte black.

Pigmentation, application and longevity

Unfortunately, the matte shades do not deliver a great pigmentation. They work perfectly as transitions shades and to compliment the other shades, but as stand alone colours I can't say they are the best.

top row of the palette
The shimmers and satins, on the other hand, are truly excellent! They have an outstanding pigmentation.
Bottom row of the palette

All the shadows apply much better with a primer, especially the matte ones. While applying them I have not experienced any fall out with these (more thumbs up!) and they blend easily and nicely, as well.

The shades last perfectly put (with a primer) for about 6 to 8 hours. After that, the colour starts to fade. I haven't experienced any creasing, but as you know I use a primer and my lids aren't very oily.

I have three looks to show you, done with this palette. A subtle everyday neutral matte look, a shimmery yet very wearable look, and an evening look. For all three looks I only used 1)primer 2) colours from this palette 3) mascara. No other product was used on my eyes.

Coastal Scents Revealed no makeup neutral look

Coastal Scents Revealed Neutral shimmery look

Coastal Scents Revealed neutral evening look

Overall, I must say it is a very nice palette for its price, if you like neutral shades and having lots of choices, you definitely should give it a go. You can get this one for 19.95 CHF at House of Makeup.

Vanity Tools City kit Blending brush - Madrid

Vanity tools brushes House of Makeup

I have a few blending brushes but they are never enough, LOL. I picked this up not knowing exactly what to expect and I was pleasantly surprised.

Although I first intended to get it as an eyeshadow brush, mainly for crease work, the Vanity Madrid brush is too wide for that purpose, considering I have small features and tiny hooded eyes. Instead, I've enjoyed using it for accurate blending highlighter in my browbones, nose, temples, and also use it for blending my eyeshadow transition colours into nothing. Unfortunately, it doesn't fit my eye socket area, so I will definitely be trying Vanity Lisbon next time, which for reference, looks a Sigma E40.

Vanity tools brushes blending brush

Although it is not specified on the website, I am almost positive this brush has natural bristles, they are very nice and soft and blend powder products nicely. I wouldn't use it for applying cream products since I think synthetic bristles are better for that purpose. I am overall very pleased with the new addition to my brush stash. The brush doesn't shed while using it or while washing it (happy dance).
Vanity tools brushes blending brush Madrid

You can get this brush for 6.95 CHF at House of Makeup

Did you know House of Makeup store? Which are your favourite affordable makeup brands?


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