Review │ Lily Lolo : Vegan nail polish without breaking the bank

Lily Lolo Vegan Cruelty Free 8-Free Nail polish

Hello, sweet-sweet-sweeties!! How are you today?
I have a bomb to share with you today, it's about NAIL POLISH, of course, What else?  Lily Lolo's launched this year their first nail polish collection*, 100% vegan, cruelty-free and 8-Free formula. Thanks to the Swiss boutique M&O Naturel I could try and test all 6 colours. I am super excited to be writing this review today, I am loving these nail polishes so so so much! Can we skip an intro and get straight to the subject, right?

I've heard a lot about Lily Lolo makeup, which is mineral based, vegan and very good quality, but I didn't know that they also made nail polish. They've only launched their nail polish range in May this year!

If you are new to the brand, this is what I found in their own official online store.

Lily Lolo is a British brand offering an expertly formulated range of high-performance, high-quality mineral makeup must-haves to help you achieve flawless natural beauty.
Our products are free of any parabens, synthetic perfumes or dyes and we are proud to be BUAV approved. Whether your skin is dry, oily or anywhere in-between, Lily Lolo makeup will give you a light, flawless and seamless finish without clogging or irritating.
Launched in 2005 by founder Vikki Khan and named after her two sisters Lisa (Lily) and Lorraine (Lolo), we have built a passionate team and now supply hundreds of salons in the UK as well as selling directly to a growing band of loyal and enthusiastic followers online.
Their new nail polish range includes 6 very feminine, classic and beautiful shades, with an 8-free formula. These are the claims:

  • Ultra glossy finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Long wearing
  • Quick Drying
  • 8-free formula with no: Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor, Parabens, Any phthalates, Xylene, Ethyl Tosylamide Resin

I was very impressed and I would like to review all the claims according to my personal experience using the product and share it with you. Let me first show you the colours of the swatches and save my comments for later.

Candy Floss

It is a beautiful bubble gum pink, that shows slightly lighter on my pictures than in real life. It has perfect coverage in two coats.

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Candy Floss

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Candy Floss

Soft Coral

Lovely warm peach with a hint of pink. This one needed three coats (without topcoat) to be perfectly smooth.

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Soft Coral

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Soft Coral

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Soft Coral


It is the most beautiful orchid pink shade with a hint of purple and my absolute favourite! The formula in this one is perfection itself!

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Temptress

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Temptress

Miss Scarlet

A show stopper red! You can get along with only one coat of this red polish. I did two and it looks absolutely flawless.

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Miss Scarlet

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Miss Scarlet

9 to 5

A super chic greige shade warm enough not to give me the "corpse" look, lol. Because "Greige" is not only totally a colour, it has definitely become a must-have. 

Lily Lolo Nail polish in 9 to 5

Lily Lolo Nail polish in 9 to 5

Lily Lolo Nail polish in 9 to 5


A true shocking pink! Not quite an original in my collection, as it is one of my favourites, but hey, it is my first 8-free formula hot pink!!

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Carnival

Lily Lolo Nail polish in Carnival

Now into the review of the claims! Do these nail polishes live up to their claims?

Ultra glossy finish

All my swatches show two coats (with the exception of Soft coral, for which I painted three coats) of nail polish WITHOUT topcoat. So, please, can we just look at that gloss? It is insane! 
I did not apply a topcoat for two reasons: firstly I wanted to test the colours in real life and how they would perform without any help. Secondly, I do not have a vegan 8-free topcoat, so putting all the nasty stuff packed in my regular topcoats over these beauties, it seemed not right in at all. But these polishes do not need help to shine. I tried them for three days each and the gloss did not fade with wear despite doing all my regular house keeping-mommy tasks.

Easy to apply

Let me tell you, this is not the first vegan nail polish I come across, but it is one of the greatest formulas I've tried. Believe you me when I tell you the consistency and ease of application in these is comparable (if not better) to the most renown salon brands. The consistency is very nice, not runny, not gooey, it allows for perfect control, it doesn't flood to the cuticles and (with the exception of Soft coral) it doesn't leave any brush strokes. Once applied it levels out by itself beautifully, drying to a perfectly smooth finish with an incredible high shine. 
There are slight differences in application for each color, Soft Coral gave me a little more work, as it showed some strokes with two coats. I painted three coats and when it dried the strokes were no longer visible. Temptress has, in my opinion, the best formula and could be a one-coater, that polish practically applied by itself!!

Long Wearing

I have tested all the colours for a max of three days without a topcoat and I tested Temptress and Miss Scarlet with a topcoat. None of the colours chipped on me in three days -I might do a longer test in the future, if so, I will update this post. My right hand, which is the one that works the hardest, showed tip wear before 24 hours of application without a topcoat. When I use a topcoat, tip wear appeared only on the third day. Overall, I am very impressed!

Quick drying

The nail polishes were completely dry to the touch (but still dentable) after 10 minutes. That is great considering I did not use any method to speed up the drying process. After 20 minutes they were completely dry and I could even stamp on them (which I did, of course! pics are coming soon!)

I am delighted with this Lily Lolo's nail polish collection formula and application wise. I definitely recommend these products, they are the healthiest choice for your nails and their quality is outstanding, I hope the brand will release some more interesting colours soon. These babies retail for only 10 CHF each (which is about the half other vegan companies are charging for their polishes) and are available at M&O Naturel, where you can also find other products of Lily Lolo's range and many other vegan friendly cosmetics.

What do you think of this collection? How do you feel about Vegan friendly cosmetics? Do you own any other 8-free-formula nail polishes? Let me know everything in the comments!!


*Press sample. All opinions are my own, solely based on my experience with the product.