Hello sweeties! Happy hump day!
How's been your week so far?
Finally I managed to put up this post to show you part two of my makeup haul in Italy.I shopped for makeup during my summer vacation, it was such a haul that I need two posts not to bore you to death. I've already shown you my Kiko makeup purchases (read here) of which I've already used most of the items. I've also hauled for body and hair care and I've written about it here.
Practically EVERY item I bought is made in Italy, so the brands I've been showing you are, of course, Italian. Today I have a bunch of makeup from Wycon, would you like to take a closer look?

You already know how I struggle to do shopping with a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old always around me, yadda yadda yadda... While in Italy, we stayed the first week in the countryside, which was beautifully peaceful, but also not very practical for shopping. There was a mall where we bought our groceries not far from there and... they had a Wycon store!! tadaaaa!
This is not a new brand to me. I have already shopped there in our last trip to Italy and I was so, so Impresed with their "mousse eyeshadow" (it was ages ago, but you can check it here). Their prices are very good, a little bit like Kiko, plus they were also having a summer sale, so I could not enter there and not be tempted to buy the whole store. But I managed to retain myself and finally I only got "a few" items ;)

I first tried their nail polishes in 2013 and they were outstanding (check here, here and here). I grabbed two shades from their sale section. In the picture above you see, on the left N°02 Serenity glitter From Heart of Beauty collection which is a light blue glitter and scattered holo on a clear base. I believe this was a limited edition, but I'm not sure. The other colour, to the right, is n°831 which is a "Sugar effect" or textured nail polish in a neon hotpink! Oh, my, this is soo adorable. I tried it right away during my vacation and loved it! but I did not snap any pics, so I can't show you how it looks on the nails, you'll have to take my word for it!

This product is a cream eyeshadow, that is called "Eyeshadow basecolor". I got color #10 which is a bright emerald green. I have not tested it on the lids yet, but if I well understood it is not supposed to be worn alone. It should be a vibrant base either for powder eyeshadow, loose pigment or glitter. I'll let you know how I like it as soon as I try it!

Wycon Waterproof eyeliner in #10 nero opaco, it is a great eyeliner! I have already owned one in the past and I loved it to pieces. I haven't touched the new  one until I'm through my current NYX mousse eyeshadow. This one is much better! It is the blackest black and sets perfectly, and doesn't smear for anything in the world! I totally recommend it, because it only costs around 3€ :O

Their disco eyeshadow wasn't on sale, but these looked so freaking gorgeous I had to picked them! Honestly, I don't know how I did to pick only three colours, if you think is too much, is because you haven't seen their whole range! these are iridiscent eyeshadows with a black base, and the effect on the skin is super dark smokey with colour reflections. Honestly, I've never seen something quite like it. I might do a couple of makeup look to show you, would that interest you?
From left to right the colours are: #05 Ottanio, #03 Prugna, #01 Rame.

Ok, Ok, I said I was not going to buy any lip product, but I got tempted to try this Wycon matte liquid lipstick. I got shade 09 Shock'n pink, which is a pretty hot pink, it's funny it's called "shocing pink" becaus eI was planning to use it  as everyday lip, lol. I like it, but it is nothing to write home about. It is quite longlasting, but it does transfer and it feels a bit sticky even hours after application. But, on the positive side, it doesn't dry out my lips, which for me is the most important. They also smell of delicious white chocolate vanilla. Mouthwatering!

Last, but certainly not least, are (from left to right) an Intense waterproof gel eyeliner in #03 Viola, and two of the iconic "Soft Mousse eyeshadows", #18 blueberry and #17 prugna chiaro. These were all on sale and got them for €3 instead of #6.90, and these are so, so so good! I still have the purple one I bought in 2013 (I don't use much electric purple apparently) and it is practically as good as new. That is for only one reason : the little jars are perfectly airtight. I have cream eyeshadows of various brands, including some really expensive Chanel's, and all of them ended up drying-out after one year or so. For a €3 product the quality of this packaging is definitely outstanding!
Also, you may notice, two of these have "Wjcon" instead of "Wycon" on the lids. That is because the brand changed its name this year. These shadows are still in the permanent range, I think they were on sale just because of that change in the packaging.

That's it! Those were all the pieces of makeup I got in Italy. Way too many? Maybe. But you already know, I'm not very normal, right? Please let me know if you'd like to see an in-depth review of any of these items, or maybe a makeup look? Don't hesitate to leave me a comment!
Do you haul for makeup during your vacation? Do you like discovering new brands? When was your last makeup haul? Let me know everything in the comments!!