New round stamping plates from Born Pretty Store

Today's post is eye candy for all the nail art and stamping fans out there! recently Born Pretty Store announced they'd launch 30 new stamping plates of high quality and I got ALL OF THEM! Today I'd like to show you the Born Pretty Store Stamping plates BP-101 to BP 110* and how the perform!

New round stamping plates from Born Pretty Store

This is going to be picture heavy, but not very chatty. Honestly, I don't have much to say, I've tried all the stamping plates, design by design, and they all worked perfectly. The quality of these stamping plates is way superior to the old BPS round plates, which sometimes were difficult to work with. These, on the contrary, are super deeply etched, which is great because you don't miss any part of the designs even if you accidentally press too much when scrapping. So I would say these are 100% begginner-safe. You don't need to master the stamping technique or to have special stamping tools. I've tried regular polish, Born Pretty store polish, MoYou fancy stamping polish, Konad polish, the cheapest drugstore polish, ALL the plates stamped! I tried 7 different stampers, clear jelly, silicon, sticky and not sticky, marshmallow stampers, hard rubber ones and they all picked-up the images flawlessly. 
Definitely if you are a begginner at stamping I would definitely recommend you to get some of these since they are fool-proof and very affordable!

You can get them individually, or buy them in a bundle of 10, like the one I'm showing you. If you are into nail art I advice the latter option, as it is a bit cheaper to get them in a bundle. But if you only stamp occasionally, then I would recommend you to check them and pick only the ones you prefer!

Let's take a look at the designs on each plate and an example of how well they stamp so you can have an idea!

Stamping Plate BP-101

Stamping Plate BP-102

Stamping Plate BP-103

Stamping Plate BP-104

 Stamping Plate BP-105

Stamping Plate BP-106

Stamping Plate BP-107

Stamping Plate BP-108

 Stamping Plate BP-109

Stamping Plate BP-110

It is so difficult for me to pick a favorite, because they are all very high quality and I'm glad to own the whole bundle so I can have plenty of choices. But the one with the kitties... how adorable is that one!!
The Set of 10 Satmping plates BP-101 to BP-110 retails for 9.99 USD instead of 19.99 USD at Born pretty storebut only for a limited time! That is a great price, less than one dollar per piece. So if you are a stamping fanatic like me, you know you can't miss this opportunity. Remember you can have 10% off of your purchase  by entering my code at checkout: DBL91

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Do you like stamping? What do you think of these new plates? Which one is your favourite? Let me know everything!!


*Press sample. The opinions expressed are exclusively my own.