Shopping Makeup Haul in Italy: Kiko Milano

Hello sweeties! I hope you are having a great weekend, I certainly am.
Oh, yes, you've read right. This is part one of my makeup haul in Italy. I shopped for makeup during my summer vacation, and I shopped so much that I need two posts not to bore you to death! hahaha
Practically EVERY item I bought is made in Italy, so the brands I'll show you are, of course, Italian. The first items I like to show you are from the brand Kiko Milano. Want to see what I got there?
I did not have much time to do shopping. We had a few hours free and decided to go to an outlet village and "try" to do some shopping. I say "try" because shopping with a 4-year-old and a 1-year-old is not exactly easy. There was a Kiko store having a massive sale and, of course, I had to go in there! My boy came with me and picked a few items for me too ;) (he is an expert, lol).
I wasn't looking for anything in particular really, as you may imagine I am not precisely lacking makeup! Kiko is a new to me brand, and I thought I would start by trying eye shadows and nail polishes only, and guess what? most polishes were 1€ and a large selection of eye shadows were in sale from 1 to 3€ !! So here is what I picked:

Shopping Makeup Haul  Kiko Milano nail polish

I got these nail polishes you see in the pic above for €1 each, They are (from left to right) #261, #530 and #251. Those in the middle and to the right were my boy's choices :D I haven't had the chance to try them yet, but they look pretty nice!

Shopping Makeup Haul  Kiko Milano high pigment eyeshadow

From the range of "High Pigment" eyeshadows, which can be used wet and dry, I got 2 colours, and I regret not getting more. I picked two very summery shades: the color #20 (light orange) which I already used on this look here, and the color #28 (light green) that I used for this look here.

Shopping Makeup Haul  Kiko Milano high pigment eyeshadow

I find the high pigment great, because they got an individual case, but they are held by a magnet and they can be easily taken out and put in a freestyle palette whien you need it, and you can just put it back in its container when you want! I paid 3€ each for these.

Shopping Makeup Haul  Kiko Milano Infinity eyeshadow

From the range "Infinity" eyeshadow I got two darker shades, more kind of "Fall-ish". These have a system of "click " to be put in Kiko's larger palettes. I think you could also easily put some magnets and use them in whatever freestyle palette¨. I find very practical that they have a cap! I got the shade #233 which is a nice satin red-y violet, and #270 a medium khaki green. I can't wait to try them!
Oh, and I paid less than 2€ each.

Shopping Makeup Haul  Kiko Milano pigment loose eyeshadow

I don't use loose pigment very often. I picked these because they were €1 each and you can't beat that. Also, since I am in the Monday Shadow Challenge, I find myself reaching for the most unexpected colours, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to add these to my stash :)
From left to right: #05 (metallic purple), #20 (neon pink) and #14 (bright emerald green).

Shopping Makeup Haul  Kiko Milano Eyetech look eyeshadow

I picked this "Eyetech Look Eyeshadow" mostly because I found it quite original. This is a pressed powder eyeshadot with a sponge applicator, I really like it, and I wish there was a neutral colour available, but there wasn't, because this makes eyeshadow application so fast and easy in the morning, for a wash of colour that is. I got shade #107 which is a lovely parme lilac. I paid around €2 for it.

Shopping Makeup Haul  Kiko Milano Eyetech look eyeshadow

Shopping Makeup Haul  Kiko Milano Eyetech look eyeshadow

Shopping Makeup Haul  Kiko Milano Signature eye marker

Last but not least, this little Felt tip eyeliner I am completely IN LOVE WITH! This is "Signature Eye marker". I've used it so much and it still is going strong. This is worth a review on its own ;) I paid around €3 for it, I am not sure if it was an LE leftover or what. If you know, please share it in the comments!

Do you haul for makeup during your vacation? Are you familiar with the brand Kiko Milano? I was pretty impressed so far. I can't wait to try the polishes now. What are your favourite items from this brand? Let it all out in the comments!!

Have a lovely Sunday!