Hello Sweeties!! Happy Friday!
Today, as every Friday is time for some nail art :) We are already counting the hours to Halloween, so the ladies of the "26 Great Nail Art Ideas Challenge" thought to challenge us to create a Halloween manicure with "the wrong colours"!! I don't like to think there are "wrong" or "right" colours so I came up with an idea: using inverted colours! Keep reading to find out how I did this manicure!

The prompt for this week's nail art was "Halloween in the wrong colours" and to be totally honest, it was the undoubtedly the most difficult theme I've ever had to do. Why? Because what the heck is a "wrong colour"?? Honestly, I believe there is no such thing as right or wrong colour, not for Halloween not for life, not in the whole universe. So, to avoid having an ethical or political problem with today's challenge, I decided to change it into "reversed colours".

Now you might be wondering what in tarnation "inverted colours" means? Very simple, I took a picture of one my favourite Halloween nail art designs (click here to find out how I made it). Here it is:

Then I applied a "invert colors" filter with my photo editor (ipiccy.com) like so:

Finally, I did my best to reproduce on my nails what I saw in the picture!
For this manicure I first started with a coat of white (Essence Wild white ways) to make the colours pop. Then I sponged a horizontal gradient using  OPI Juice bar hopping, OPI Fiercely FionaH&M U Must have thisMarionnaud Swimming Pool. Once that dried I stamped using white nail polish and the plates BM-XL28BM 305 from Bundle monster and W110 from Winstonia.

I like the result and it is definitely "unexpected" for a Halloween manicure. I found it particularly difficult to reproduce exactly the colours of the gradient, but hey! I did my best ;)
So, did I succeed this challenge or not?? Let me know what you think in the comments! If you are a nail artist, or a makeup artist, I would love to see how you apply this "inverted colors" on one of your looks! would you take this challenge?

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Have a wonderful weekend!!