Oct 2, 2016

Shopping │ My Fashion Haul in Italy. Transition from Summer to Fall.

Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion

Hello sweeties! I hope you are having a great weekend, I'm having a great one, already counting the hours for our next vacation, which are starting on Tuesday! yay!!
talking of vacation... it was about time that I finished showing you what I shopped for during my summer vacation in Italy!
I know, I'm so late! But I was hoping to have the time to style these garments and do a proper fashion photo shooting. Alas, that didn't happen because I have been stressing around the clock since we came back. But this post will not be totally irrelevant, because most of the items I got are perfect for this period, transitioning from Summer to Fall. By this gorgeous sunny weather we are having in Switzerland! Starting by the beautiful Missoni Sunglasses ♥ ♥ ♥
Shall we look at the rest of the things I got?
While on vacation I only visited a few stores, one for skincare and hair where I got a few things (read more about it here), on Kiko store where I got some makeup from their huge sale (see the items here) and a Wycon cosmetics store where I got some backups and extremely gorgeous eyeshadows (see my pictures here). There has been a "fil rouge" in all my purchases, I only got Italian brands!

Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion

I needed a new pair of shades and fell in love with these from Missoni Italy. Can we please just take a look? Having had painful ulcers to my corneas TWICE, I need to protect my eyes from UV rays all year around. I was looking for a pair of glasses for fall and winter, that would protect my eyes but wouldn't be terribly opaque. I was so in love with my old Givenchy sunglasses, they were gold and brown, sleek and feminine, they had Swarovski crystals placed so discretely, they were just perfect for me. But they fell and broke :( and I needed a new pair. I wasn't hoping to find anything as good because I had been to several places in Switzerland and nothing seemed to fit my taste. Until, while shopping in Italy, I saw these from Missoni. Honestly, I can not think how could I be trendier and chicer this Fall than wearing Missoni sunglasses, and they are BERRY colored ♥♥♥!!

The next few items are some clothes I got at Stefanel, an Italian fashion brand that I like particularly because they have a very elegant yet wearable and comfortable style. I did not get anything too special, just some basic staples that would bring me from Summer to Fall comfortably.

Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion

Ok, that's a staple: a blue blazer. I own many black blazers with different tailor cuts, fabrics and details. But I definitely thought I needed a blue one! I love blue blazers because they look stunning with my brown and berry colours that are so trendy this season. I have a few shoes and bags in those colours, and those look better with blue than black in my opinion.

Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion

Of course, a sleeveless dress to the knee, another staple of mine. So I could pair it with my blazer. This is a daytime dress but it could be dressed up to a certain point with fancy jewelry and super duper high heels, for instance, or dressed down with a denim jacket and tex boots. It could also be worn on cooler days with a woolen cardi and thick stockins or leggings. I am definitely wearing this dress a lot!

Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion

This is the summeriest of my picks. This beautiful maxi dress was a must have for me the past two months and I wore it a lot until recently with sandals and a denim jacket. But now I feel the colours are definitely not great for the season, so most probably I will put this one away until next spring.

Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion

I thought this dove grey knitted dress would be a great transition and a cool basic piece for me. It's a fine viscose knit, a gorgeous, casual garment, that would be great for day, or night fun with friends. It is not too dressy, quite feminine worn with stilettos and a scarf, totally cool worn with suede booties and a leather or denim jacket. I find it super comfortable and perfect for being styled in million of ways as its colour is very neutral. I got it for its versatility and I don't regret a bit!

Transition from Summer to Fall Fashion

Last but not least, this gorgeous knitted dress with a geaometric pattern that has a bit of an ethnic vibe (or is it just me?) I couldn't resist to pick this one, the pattern is gorgeous! I love that it has pockets, it is not too short or too long. Unlike the previous dress I don't think this can be styled in a million ways, but it has enough going on to be worn on its own. It is one of those easy to wear pieces, when your bestie says "I come to pick you up in 5' for a coffee"? With this dress I can be ready in no time without having to worry a ton about accessorizing, etc.

So that was it! Well, not quite... I also got some trainers and training clothes, but that might be another chapter, lol! 

What about you? what are your favourite clothes to transition from Summer to Fall? What was the last clothing item you bought?

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