Hello sweeties! For the third appointment of the Nail Crazies Unite Challenge we ought to seek inspiration for our nail designs in a Holiday movie. Honestly, I was at lost. I haven't watched a Holiday movie since I was a kid and even those, don't seem to inspire me a lot. So, I decided to take inspiration on my favourite Christmas carol which is "Silent night" (that also happen to be the title of more than one Holiday Movie!)

There are three movies named after my favourite Christmas carol "silent night", but I've seen none of those! So, my manicure is only inspired by the song.

As the carol, my manicure is simple, a blue canvas with stars and snow flakes. That's all. I used the lovely Zoya Pixie Dust in Waverly (from the recent Enchanted Collection for Holidays), which is a gorgeous blue, as a base. I then stamped a star and added some tiny dots with white. Finally I added a very thin french line to represent snow. That was it!

I hope you like this manicure even though it is  a very simple one.
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Now, I'd like to know, do you watch Holiday movies? What are your favourites? what would you recommend me? Have a wonderful weekend!!


P.S. I'm joining a new challenge from today and as this manicure happens to fit the first prompt of the Winter nail art challenge, I'm submitting it there too!