Hello, my lovelies! How are you doing today?
I am super excited because I have the OPI Fiji Collection* for Spring/Summer 2017 swatches to share with you!! This gorgeous collection has released the 8th February and will be available for the next 6 months. Are you ready to choose your next Spring nail colour?

By this time of February I already am in desperate need of  SPRING!! Honestly the only time I enjoy winter is around Christmas, after that I just suffer most of it. The past few weeks in Switzerland have been a blessing with sunshine and I had so much pleasure to wear these new OPI shades on my tips! These are twelve mostly creme shades except for one shimmery and one iridescent finish. The Collection as a whole is a lovely rainbow with some really sweet pastels and some crazily vibrant colors! Some shades with rich and interesting hues inspired by the sumptuous nature of the Fiji Islands.

The twelve shades of this collection are available in three formulas: Regular OPI Nail Polish (with black cap), the longlasting Infinite Shine Formula (with Silver cap), and the GelColor formula. I have swatched half of the colours in the regular nail polish formulation and the other half in Infinite Shine formula.

Let's start with the swatches, shall we?  I'm showing you all the swatches with two coats of colour and with basecoat and topcoat, Please, remember you can click on the pics to enlarge them:)

OPI Two-timing the Zones Why stop with just one? More zones mean more time to flaunt this vibrant pink.   This is exactly the shade of pink I love the most. I have a few polishes on my stash very near to this one, but none is an exact dupe. It was very easy to work with and it looked very shiny and even on its own. Two coats were necessary.

OPI Living On the Bula-vard! It’s “Well Hello There!” up and down when this punchy red pops in for a visit.
An amazingly bright red with a tini-tiny bit of orange in it. An absolute must-have for summer! This color applied very nicely and even and it was perfectly opaque in two coats. I got to test this shade longevity on my nails, it lasted well for 4 days and on the fifth it started showing a bit of tip were and ended up chipping on the sixth day. All in all is a very good longevity!

OPI Do You Sea What I Sea? It’s easy to sea why this shimmering ocean blue is the right color for you.
Ocean blue! there is no better way to describe this vibrant beauty ♥♥♥ While I like blue polish a lot, I always tend to chose creme or matte finishes, I never expected to like this one so much!! It definitely transports me to a Fiji beach and makes me long for Summer vacation. Mesmerizing!

Getting Nadi On My Honeymoon Not just for blushing brides, this pretty hibiscus pink has everyone feeling the heat.
This beautiful soft pink it so flattering even on me that have such neutral undertones on my skin. I applied two coats and it applied a bit streaky, but it eventually levelled out perfectly  once dried, as you can see on the pictures. A lovely Spring shade, very refreshing and femenine, I love it!

OPI Is That a Spear in Your Pocket? But of course everyone’s happy to see you in this lush, tropical teal.
Here is where the problems begin. This shade is lovely, a nice medium teal green, so summery and chic BUT (and this is a BIG BUT) it bubbled. I supposed you can see that at first sight on my picture, but if you can't you may click to enlarge. I am not sure why this polish bubbled. My nails were clean as per usual, I am very careful when cleaning my nails before swatching and I do so thoroughly. I suspect is the OPI Infinite Shine 3 (topcoat) that caused the bubbles because the same thing happened with the following swatch.
I would like to rant a little. My topcoat is not old, I got it two months ago and used it only once. It is an expensive set of special base coat and topcoat to be especifically used with the Infinite Shine nail polishes. So seeing bubbles with a nail polish worth 24.90 CHF really pisses me off!
I haven't had the chance to test it with other topcoats to see if that would change the bubbling, but the next colour bubbled too, so I'm pretty sure it's all the topcoat's fault!

Polly Want a Lacquer? The paradise perfection of this lovely lavender has island birds all a chatter.
This colour is so pretty and so freaking suitable for spring!! It is light as air, feminine, a bit special too but super office friendly! It applied fairly evenly in two coats and levelled out quite decently, but after I applied top coat and it dried completely it bubbled! It bubbled even worse thatn the teal color! So frustrating!!
At this point I researched other bloggers swatches and nobody encounter a bubbles problem. So I'm pretty sure my bottle of topcoat is to blame.

I Can Never Hut Up And why should you? You’re mesmerizing in this iridescent, edge-of-dawn grey.
OK, Infinite Shine's formula is not bad, I'd say is OK-ish if compared to the regular formula. Oh, what a pleasure to apply on my nails!! I am not a big fan of grey, but I love this subtle shimmer! I do not usually wear grey in spring or summer, but this is a very chic colour and it can suit many complexions!

OPI No Tan Lines What better way to complement a flawless island tan, than a warm sunrise orange?
OMG! What an amazing shade! To my eye this is a very light shade of true orange, light, but no pastel by any means! Is vibrant as it gets!! Such an oustanding shade deserves to be the star of the summer.

OPI Suzi Without a Paddle Who needs one when you’re up a creek with this cool and tranquil blue?
A pastel blue with a hint of mint, so light and luminous! This has such a perfect application, as it is known pastel creme shades tend to be streaky and uneven, but not this one! Perfectly opaque in two coats, a total keeper!
(I had a few light blue shades to compare it with, let me know if you would like to find out if this

OPI Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet They bask in their own golden glow, which is just what you’ll do in this radiant yellow.
Perfect true yellow! This is hands down the best yellow OPI has released (that I'm aware of) in terms of formulation and application. It is perfectly smooth and stroke-free, it is absolutely opaque in two coats and it does not stain the nail plates. If you've been struggling to find a good bright yellow, look no further, this is your guy!

OPI Coconuts Over OPI Go native and do Fiji in the buff with our subtle and toasty taupe.
I'm divided oncerning this shade, while It is a really perfect neutral taupe (a shade that is not too warm or too cool) I think it looks a little flat on my nails to be worn alone. The nude shades lovers are going to love it, though. Also the nail art lovers will like it, as this shade is a great one to use as a base for intricated designs.

OPI Super Trop-i-cal-i-fiji-istic Take a day trip to get lost and found in this bottomless reflection of Sea and Sky.
Lovely medium blue shade! This is totally my cup of tea for Summer (or for any season really, who are we kidding?) Not terribly unique, as I have at least 5 very similar blue shades in my collection, but still a very nice one! As the rest of the colours this one applied flawlessly in two coats, as you can see on the picture.

For the regular formula polishes (those with the black cap) the consistency is a pleasure to work with. I applied two effortless coats, they were even and stroke-free, dried fairly quickly with the regular OPI topcoat and had full opaqueness in two coats. Whereas the Infinite Shine formula (those with the silver cap) is more tricky for me to apply because they are slightly thicker and a bit streaky. The formula levels out eventually. If I hadn't had that issue with the topcoat bubbles I would say that either of the formulas is equally good. Instead, I'm afraid in this case I will eagerly recommend the regular formula over the Infinite Shine one. For me, the formulation and longevity are not really exceptional to justify spending 5 more francs per bottle.

The OPI Fiji Collection has launched the 8 February 2017 in Switzerland. All the colours are available in classic nail polish, Infinite Shine formula and GelColor, with the recommended retail price of 19.90 CHF/bottle (15 ml) for the classic formula and 24.90 CHF/bottle (15ml) for the Infinite Shine. You can find your nearest point of sale here: www.opiswiss.ch/wheretobuy.


*Press samples. The opinions on this article are purely my own.