Bohemian glass. I remember my granny, who wasn't a wealthy person, being so proud of owning a set of wine glasses from Bohemia. Now that she's gone, the glasses remain to remind me of her. Grannies teach us so many things! Bohemia was a region (now belonging to the Czech Republic) known for producing the highest quality handmade glass in the world. Those were of course quite expensive, so owning some pieces was such a privilege! What do you think my granny would say seeing my brand new collection of Mont-Bleu glass files and accessories from Prague!! I'm sure she would have been enchanted just as I am (and would have wanted a couple for herself, lol).

A few weeks ago I received a wonderful parcel from Prague containing several Mont-Bleu products* I wanted to test. They have a very large selection of glass nail files and other beauty accessories and what definitely caught my eye were the wonderful coloured glass nail files with Swarovski elements, these are so beautiful I couldn't help getting a set. 

Set of 2 Color Glass Nail Files with crystals*

I have used glass nail files ever since I got into nails in 2010, but I these are by far the best I've ever had. Not only are they so freaking pretty to look at, they are quite sturdy, can file on both sides, and their texture is so refined that they are super gentle on the nails. I'm definitely sold and I understand now why there is so much fuss around this brand: the quality is definitely something else.

This Set of 2 Color Glass Nail Files with Swarovski crystals CNC-MS retails for 15€. You can also find file sets from 8€ here.

Gift set for women GS-10*

I also got a gift set including a compact mirror, a pair of tweezers and a nail file all of them ornated with pink and clear Swarovski crystals. The file and the tweezers come each on their velvet pouches and the complete set comes in a beautiful colored gift box too!!

I must admit I originally thought to order this set as a gift for a friend, but I fell for the tweezer and the compact mirror, they are such a nice quality, sturdy and beautiful that I decided to keep it for myself and order another one for my friend! LOL

The 3 pieces gift set retails for €32.40 and is available here.

Foot Scraper File BSF-M*

Last but not least, I chose a foot file. I have never owned a glass foot file and I was very curious to know how it would perform. The foot scraper comes in 12 different colours to choose from. I obviously got the pink one! It is very sturdy and really thick, it has two filing surfaces -one on each side- one is finer grained than the other one, but both are really fine and gentle.

I've been using this foot file for several weeks now and I love the results, my feet look and feel so much softer than with my regular file! The only down side is that I don't find its shape particularly ergonomic. I suppose making this product with a more ergonomic handle would make it more expensive, but given the fact that this glass file will last AGES I wouldn't mind paying a bit more for it. This foot scraper file retails for €16 and is available here.

I am more than pleased with the Mont-Bleu products I could try and I definitely recommend them. They have a wide range of nail files starting from €4 upwards.
You can check their products and order on the Mont-Bleu e-shop or on their Amazon store. If you are interested in wholesale or getting more info you can check their wholesale website too.

For all the blog readers that would like to purchase from Mont-Bleu you can enter the voucher code BLOG at checkout to get a 20% discount.

Do you use glass nail files? Have you ever tried any foot glass file before? Do you like stuff with Swarovski elements? What do you think of the Mont-Bleu products I showed here? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!


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