Hello sweeties! How are you?
I'm one day late (again) for the Nail Crazies United Challenge. Ever since I learnt today's prompt was "Red & Black" I knew I wanted to do a manicure inspired by a deck of cards. Keep reading to see how I've done it.

My boy woke up yesterday feeling unwell so he skipped school and I couldn't find a moment to write my post. In normal times, I could have several posts prepared in advance so that an event like this wouldn't have mattered. But now, I'm writing for publishing the same day, if something goes wrong one day, that means my publications must be postponed. I promise you it is not fun! I don't know how to do to regain a proper working rhythm, I haven't had a "normal" day since the beginning of the year, every freaking day seems to be so difficult and nothing ever happens as I expected. I'm running after the things chaotically and whatever plan I have needs to changed and adapted at the last minute. It is really exhausting! If anyone has an advice about this, please do not hesitate to leave a comment :) It'd be much appreciated.

Now, into the nail art. This is a simple an easy manicure that is really fun. To achieve this look I first painted my nails with OPI My Vampire is Buff, on top of which I stamped using MoYou London Nail Lacquer Black Knight (black) and OPI So hot it Berns (red) with the Born Pretty Store stamping plate BP-63. I had a few issues picking up the images from this plate, I'm not really happy with the stamping, as there are a lot of gaps! It's a shame because the designs are really cool.

I hope you like this mani even if it is not very sharp, I think the overall effect is still pretty cool :)
I wish you a great weekend and do not forget to pay a visit to my challenge mates listed down below.