Bye-Bye February!!
Can you smell the Spring already? (as I say this the weather prepares for -hopefully the last- snow) I'm so impatient for the warmer days to come. Oh boy, has this winter been harsh on me! It's been very cold and I've been ill for several weeks. All of which resulted in a very dehydrated skin. I need to prep my skin for Spring and I've been testing Orlane Super Moisturizing serum* and Orlane Gentle Cleansing Foam* to get a more hydrated and supple skin. Have these two products lived up to my expectations? Keep reading to find out!

Orlane Paris is a renown luxury Brand that has been synonym of skincare excellence for years. Alas, I've never tried anything from its range until now. Truth is, I've already hitted 37 last december and my skin becomes more demanding and brands like Orlane one really start catching my eye. Thanks to I received a Gentle Cleansing foam and a Super Moisturizing Serum to try. Let me tell you more about the products I've been testing.


This foam cleanser claims to dissolve make-up from the face and eyes, cleanse the epidermis from impurities and purify the complexion while remaining gentle on the hydrolipidic film. It is supposed to be ideal for delicate and sensitive eye contours. It contains Nebeday extract which is an anti-pollution agent

Directions of use: Lather two doses of foam over face and eye contours morning and night and follow with your daily skincare.

My experience

The Orlane Gentle Cleansing Foam has a very nice and well conceived packaging, is a plastic bottle with a nice pump that turns liquid into foam when the pump is actioned.

The product has a very delicate scent of roses that vanishes when you rinse it off. The foam feels weightless and doesn't lather further once applied, I'd say it almost immediately melts into a liquid solution. It definitely is VERY gentle and two pumps seems to be insuficient to actually remove my makeup and cleanse my face perfectly. I prefer to remove my makeup with other products and then cleanse my face with this foam, especially the eye makeup. In total honesty, I haven't even tried to remove my eye makeup with this foam. I don't think it will be efficient enough, and I guess it will be terribly messy. I still prefer to remove my eye makeup with mild oily solutions as my eyes are extremely sensitive.

That being said, I have the impression this cleanser really respect my skin (which is a bit sensitive) and it doesn't dry or irritate it. It feels very gently even around my nose when I've been ill and that area was really red, irritated and full of dry and peeling skin. 

Although I wouldn't recommend this product for actually removing makeup (unless your makeup is really minimal) I actually LOVE it for cleansing my face in the morning! The gentle cleanser respects the skin without altering the regenerating process that takes place during the night,  that is why I've adopted it into my routine for that specific purpose.  

For my face I need two-three pumps to fully cleanse it, after using it for 4 weeks (but only in the mornings) the bottle is still 2/3 full so I think the 200ml bottle will last me at least for three months.

I would recommend this product to anyone who needs a gentle cleanser but that has no problem with fragrance or scented cleansers. It will be a great option for mature skin and people who do not wear (a lot of) makeup too.

ORLANE Gentle Cleansing Foam contains 200ml and is available at for CHF 36


This serum claims to intensely replenish the skin smoothing the wrinkles and dullness caused by dehydration. The Orlane Serum activates the key moisture receptor called CD44 which stimulates hyaluronic acid and redistributes water to the cells. Using this serum in the long term will foster the natural production of hyluronic acid (which is theabc of hydrated skin) that slows down as we age.

Directions of use: Use morning and/or night before your usual cream.

My experience

The Orlane Super Moisturizing Serum has creamy consistency that allows you to massage the serum into the skin for a minute when you apply. however it is not greasy or oily at all and it sinks fairly fast (around one minute) and once it is absorbed it leaves the skin feeling velvety smooth.
The serum has a lovely roses scent (In ♥ with it!). I know this can bother people who prefer unscented skincare, but this perfume of roses is so delightful, delicate and natural, it reminds me of real roses, of my childhood in my grandparent's garden full of roses, and I admit it totally got me! Anyway, the scent fades few minutes after application.

I've been applying the serum for the past four weeks, so I have quite a good idea of its results on me. This has literally transformed my skin in a positive way. Since day one I started noticing the change, my skin was "thirsty" and dehydrated, I haven't changed anything of my routine except replacing my usual serum for the Orlane one and my foaming cleanser by the Orlane's one. This definitely works, it has eradicated all my dry patches (especially on my cheeks and around my nose) and my skin looks smooth, luminous and hydrated.

For my face and neck I need three pumps per application, after 4 weeks there is still half of the bottle to go through, so I guess 30ml are enough for at least two months of treatment.

I would definitely recommend this to a friend looking for a skin moisture booster, sure many other products more "budget friendly" would work as well, but this Serum provides such sensation of luxury, by its packaging, the delicacy of its scent, the sumptuous texture. In comparison with other luxury brands, the price point is quite fair I'd say.

ORLANE Super Moisturizing Serum contains 30ml and is available at for CHF 69.25

What are your favorite products to transition from winter to spring? What are your skin issues this time of the year? Let me know everything in the comment section :)


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