Hello Sweeties! How are you today?
Does it smell like summer vacation already? The beach days are just around the corner and I have great news to share with you: OPI is launching a fantastic collection for summer called  California Dreaming featuring West Coast-Inspired Hues for Summer 2017 !! Keep reading to find out more about it :)

“This summer, tour the west coast with the California Dreaming Collection by OPI. Experience the brand’s beloved home state with a palette of fun, flirty shades ideal for big adventures, from a day at the beach or a quick surf session to a hike in the mountains or winetasting in Napa.

The California Dreaming Collection features 12 new hues in classic Nail Lacquer and Long-Wear Infinite Shine formulas, allowing consumers to experience the colors of California’s majestic sunsets and diverse landscapes with a variety of nail wear options. Shades are as unique as the collection’s namesake destination, including rich merlot and punchy pink, orange and coral hues, along with soft, warm shades of rose, pink, peach and nude that conjure the state’s most picturesque locales. Have this sumer’s perfect bright red, while deep metallic gold evokes the hazy twilight golden hour.

Shimmering slate with brown undertones offers a softer take on classic black. The collection’s hero shade Time For a Napa is a pink coral hue ideal for matching bikinis and wearing on both fingers and toes while exploring California’s 800 miles of coastline. “I always draw inspiration from fashion, food and travel, and California’s unique mix of cultures, cuisines and landscapes serves as a constant source of creativity,” remarks OPI co-founder and brand ambassador, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. “From San Diego to San Francisco, the state is filled with breathtaking vistas; from active adventurers wearing yoga pants to Hollywood stars in sequins, California fashion is completely unique. And when it comes to food, there’s something for everyone!

The California Dreaming Collection offers a flexible palette ranging from berry to nude, with gold and black hues ideal for nail art and two-tone looks – providing wearers with a taste of the beauty found in ‘The Golden State.’”

California Dreaming Collection by OPI includes the below shades in classic Nail Lacquer and Infinite Shine formulas:

This is Not Whine Country
The merlot the merrier I always say.

GPS I Love You
I couldn’t have pinked a sweeter travelling companion.

Malibu Pier Pressure
This cotton candy pink has a very persuasive vibe.

To the Mouse House We Go!
This magic red is for kissable lips, polka dot bows and tempting apples.

Me, Myselfie & I
But enough about me, doesn’t this coral look good in my selfie?

Santa Monica Beach Peach
Go ahead and hit the beach, this punchy orange has your back.

Time for a Napa
It’s always the right moment for this bubbly hot coral.

Excuse Me, Big Sur!
This rose may be soft, but it’s not afraid to speak up.

Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia
Finding the perfect peach is a tall order.

Feeling Frisco
This nude’s bound to put you in a Bayful mood.

Sweet Carmel Sunday
You’re always a treat in this glistening gold.

Don’t’ Take Yosemite for Granite
Of quartz not! Everyone appreciates this shimmering slate.

The collection also includes a set of 3 shades and a set of mini nail polishes

• Launch: The California Dreaming Collection by OPI will be available from the 15th June 2017 at least for 3 months. 
• Find your closest retailer: http://www.opiswiss.ch/wheretobuy
• Recommended price for regular nail polish 15 ml : 19.90 CHF
• Recommended price for Infinite Shine formula 15 ml : 24.90 CHF

Anyone else excited for this launch?? The pinks and corals look sooo hot! I think I want them all ♥_♥

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