Hello, beauties! Happy Hump-day!
Facial masks are the best way to treat your skin's specific problems without breaking the bank. I'd sure love some weekly face spa sessions or beauty institute facial treatment, but that's just so out of my budget, especially in Switzerland (insert flying dollars emojis). Of course, as a resourceful woman and a beauty blogger I have come up with quite a specific and intensive care to treat my ageing-saggy-doublechinned-butstillkindapretty face. I am going to introduce you to my four favourite anti-ageing masks of the moment.
If you are over 30, you notice your skin starts lacking firmness, you notice saggy areas or loss of definition around your chin, or early wrinkles getting deeper, then keep reading because this post will interest you! 

A few weeks ago, parfumcity.ch contacted me asking me to write about my favourite face masks. I couldn't be happier of this proposition, as face masks are my favourite thing about skincare. Also because, as you know, sheet masks are in vogue, and while I like a few of them, I think everybody talks a lot about sheet masks which really doesn't do justice to some other excellent masks out there. So today I am going to talk to you about 4 of my favourite anti-ageing masks which are not sheet-masks!

But first let's talk about some general info about skin, shall we?

The first reason of ageing is basically the loss of skin's natural elasticity. This is a biological and totally natural thing to happen, we grow older, our skin ages too**! There are a lot of factors, as sun exposure, environmental factors (even the climate, the wind, etc), our diet, genetic disposition, and many others have also an influence on the natural ageing process of our skin. Also, according to your skin type and morphology, your ageing process will be different. But, basically, we find two types: on one hand the people who have a tendency to get very wrinkly but a (kind of) firm contour of the face. Other people have less a tendency to wrinkles but their face contours tend to lose definition and firmness (I'm in this second club).

I don't know if you have noticed this, but while there are loads and loads of "anti-wrinkle" products in the market at every price range, it is way more difficult to find products focused on firmness and re-toning your skin. So I have chosen to talk about this kind of products today. Let me introduce to you to the four face masks that are part of my anti-ageing routine.

Collistar Dual Action Mask Exfoliating and Regenerating*

Collistar is not new to me as skincare brand, from which I have already reviewed some items here. Since last year I have tried and loved several products from their range, including this Dual action mask, so I already knew I had to include it among my favourite!

Description and claims

This face mask it is basically a physical exfoliator with extra regeneration benefits. The product is presented in a 30ml tube, it has a lightweight creamy consistency with some very fine exfoliating particles. These are biodegradable "microspheres" made from coral, sea algae and volcanic sand which aim to clear the skin of impurities and dead cells while purifying and smoothing the skin's texture. The product also contains elderflower distilled water which stimulates the skin's microcirculation to reawaken the vitality of the epidermis, resulting in a more glowing complexion.

The product contains aswell two active ingredients. The Oxicell® which is a special extract of grains rich in amino acids and biostimulants helps the oxygenation of the skin cells, which favours their natural regeneration process. Varinea®, extracted from a variety of Polynesian vanilla, has the capacity of repairing the damage caused by free radicals. The formula is also enriched with vitamins A and E, hyaluronic acid, collagen and Shea Butter, which apport hydrating, nourishing, energising and elasticising effects.
The claims are that the skin is soft and luminous with an evener texture and noticeable reduction of small wrinkles and dry lines. Using the mask regularly twice a week will help face to become better toned and smoother.

My personal experience

I like to use this mask twice per week in the evenings. For a long time, I haven't had an exfoliation routine, and I must say that it makes a huge difference! 
After removing my makeup and cleansing my skin, I apply a layer of the product on my face and neck and massage it very gently for a while (under 30 seconds). Then I leave it on for about 5-10 minutes, and the cream feels slightly warming on the face, but it doesn't make my skin red or irritated at all. While it poses, the mask will turn from a white cream to a transparent more oily texture, you will notice some of the product has penetrated the skin, but instead of feeling dry it feels oilier and surprisingly easier to massage. After letting it pose I massage again very gently as my skin is rather sensitive, and finally rinse it off. The effect is immediate, a softer skin and a more luminous complexion. With repeated use, I have noticed an improvement of the general state of my skin and a smoother surface. 
I have used this mask before and this is my second tube. I used to have a little apprehension about physical exfoliation because my skin is dry and a bit sensitive, but I must say I had no problems with this mask and I actually enjoy using it and I love the final results. I recommend it to everyone looking for an effective but gentle exfoliation, but I would exclude people with very sensitive skin.

Nuxe - Nuxuriance Ultra Re-plumping Roll-on Mask*

I know and love Nuxe as a brand for many years now, and their Nuxuriance range is not new to me, as I have already tried and loved two of their products. It was only natural that I wuld choose this roll-on mask that everybody likes so much. 

Description and claims

This mask is enriched with "Bi-floral cells" (which are basically saffron flower and bougainvillaea molecules) is aimed to smooth the skin and revive the radiance, replumping and giving firmness to the oval of the face.
The product is presented in a 50 ml tube with a steel roll-on on the tip, and an open/close rotation. The texture of the products is very lightweight, gel like. The product is formulated with 90% of ingredients from natural origin, including sweet almond oil, aloe vera, plankton, wakame seaweed, saffron flower and bougainvillaea leaf extracts. These ingredients act as antioxidants, hydrating and nourishing for the skin.

My personal experience

I love this mask so much that I use it three times per week. I like applying it early in the morning, after cleansing my face and before my children wake up ;) 
The instructions on how to apply are pretty precise, I turn the cap to the "ON" position and release the product applying it from the centre of the face outwards. I like to start by my neck and jaw and apply it from the centre outwards. Then I turn the cap to the "OFF position" so that the product is no longer released and use the roll-on tip to massage the product on my skin upwards and out, like if I was giving my face a lifting treatment. I then leave the product to pose for 10 minutes while I do other tasks (washing my teeth, making cofee, etc.). The gel feels very refreshing and pleasant on the face. My skin is very "thirsty in the mornings and most of the product sinks in, but not all of it, so I remove the excess product with a cotton wool with my regular toner.
My face feel immediately tighter, more luminous, I really see a difference and I love it. Did I mention how this is one of my favourite things to do on a Monday morning? It is!
I like the packaging and the tube, I find them very practical, I also appreciate the massage with the roll-on tip which I find very energising. You must know this is an oil based mask (mainly sweet almond oil) so if you have oily skin, you may not want to use this mask in the mornings. Other than that I definitely recommend it for every skin type!

Payot Perform Sculpt Mask*

Although I have heard a lot of good things about this traditional French skincare brand, I had never tried anything from them, so it was a little bit of a bet to choose this mask. Of course you can imagine what the outcome was, now that I am including it in this post!

Description and claims

The product combines several active ingredients as the Acti-Lift complex, Wakame extract Renovating peptides, Hyaluronic acids, Oat extract, Peony extract and Vitamin E to improve the skin firmness and provide a surface tightening effect. As a result the skin looks younger, smoothed out and lifted.
The product is presented in a 50ml tube and has a gel like textured, slightly colored pink and with a pearlescent effect (the formula contains mica). There is not much information about the product actives or what they are suppose to do. I must say that Collistar and Nuxe both put much more information and kind of "educate" the customers, so that they know what they are actually putting on their faces (even if only the active ingredients are the one to be explained). The Payot internet website gives a little more information and a full list of ingredients. 

My personal experience

I wasn't expected to like this mask, as I squeezed the tube for the first time and saw the sparkling pink gel. I thought this has to be a joke, who in the world puts mica to skincare to make it sparkling? The pearlescent effect was also visible on the face. I was already a bit skeptical judging by the ingredients list, I mean, the peptides, are the last thing on it. But I must admit that this thing really works.
As per the instructions, I applied a thick layer to my cleansed face and neck and let it pose for ten minutes. It doesn't feel particularly fresh or warm, it mostly feels "sticky". After the pose time, I remove the excess (of mica) with a cotton and my toner, and I am wowed. I only use this once per week in the evening, and I follow with my regular night skin care, but I must say I definitely feel the lifting effect! I don't think it is actually visible, up to date I only used this mask 4 times, but it looks very promising. My face feels tighter, my chin and cheeks actually feel lifted.

Dermacol Detox & Defence Face mask*

Last but certainly not least, is the new to me brand Dermacol with its Detox and DEfence mask, that was suggested to my by parfumcity.ch and now I love. Dermacol is to my knowledge a Czech brand founded in 1960, specialized in skincare and makeup but offers also products in the body care, suncare and fragrance ranges. I was super excited to test a brand I didn't know!

Description and claims

"Detoxifying protective face mask with a light, gel-cream texture rich in natural antioxidants, vitamin and stem cells penetrates deep into your skin, neutralises toxins and harmful substances from the environment. It restores your skin’s natural defence mechanism and prevents premature skin ageing, loss of elasticity and the formation of wrinkles. It leaves your skin fresh and healthy."
 Among the active ingredients there is shea butter, which helps the skin retain water, alaria esculenta (sea weed) which has moisturizing, and antioxidant and antipollution effects, tomato leaf cells, which act like excellent anti-oxidizing, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory agents, olive fruit extract, olive fruit extract, both with antioxidant and antipollution properties.
The product is presented in a mono-dose packaging, containing 2x 8g, which is intended for two applications. The mask has a gel like texture.

My personal experience

I must confess I first thought this was going to be a sheet mask, the packaging fooled me! But it is not, it is a gel like mask, with a dense consistency packed in pouches in single doses, although when buying one package you actually get two mono-doses. Which I personally find great.
As per the instructions I applied this mask on my cleansed face, neck and decollete in a thick layer, and it was enough product to cover the whole area. The first sensation is cooling, slightly stingy. I supposed it is due to the content of alcohol. I first I was worried that could be bad for my dry skin, but it really wasn't a problem and the stingy sensation disappears in a couple of minutes. I leave it to pose for 15-20 minutes and then remove the excess with a wet washing cloth. It says to use a cotton round, but as I apply it to my neck and decollete also I find more practical (and environement friendly) to use a wash cloth. Next is enjoy your new skin! there are few masks that provide that sensation of soothing, brightening, plumping, hydrating and leaving with very clean skin at the same time, and they are way more expensive than this! I prefer to apply this mask once per week as a detox treatement on a Friday or Saturday night before bed, and boy, that does make a difference when I wake up the next day!! I used this mask 4 weeks (I only had four doses) but I will be getting more. This left me an excellent impression of the Dermacol brand and I definitely want to try more of their skin care and face mask range.

The Dermacol Detox & Defence mask is currently available at parfumcity.ch and retails for CHF 6.00


That was a pretty long post but, as a bottom line I would like to add that after 4 weeks using these four products I am quite impressed with the results. My skin is in excellent condition, feels tighter, plumper and brighter, and I'm not the only one to have noticed it ;) Of course, no cosmetics can make my double chin disappear, it is not magic. I am very happy with this routine I've put together and  I wanted to share my thoughts and results with you. You never know, maybe you have a similar problem and can't find the right skincare for you. So, here are my suggestions and notes. I hope this has been useful!!
What about you? Do you have any favourite masks? Do you use anti-ageing masks at all? What is your "ageing" problem? Let me know your thoughts in the comments! and of course, do not hesitate to address me any questions you may have!

*Product received as PR sample. Although the products for this review were given to me by parfumcity.ch, I have personally curated this selection and carefully chosen each item according to my own skin needs, past experience with products and brands and my personal preference. All the opinions

**As a general note, I want to say that for me wrinkles are an important part of our lives, they are a result of our lives! Our expressions, all we live through will be marked in our faces, and that is not necessarily a negative thing. That is why I use cosmetics/skincare rather than chirurgical procedures or injections. Everyone is free to do whatever they wish, of course, I'm not judging people who do, but just saying that if you are not into more drastic medical solutions, like me, there is a way skincare can help you age gracefully, while still keeping it real.