Hello, lovelies! Happy Friday!

In a little less than a week, we will be heading to Italy for a well-deserved summer vacation, yay! I still have a few things to sort out before holidays, the apartment, what to do with the blog, social media, luggage, and stuff. We are now right in the middle of a family flu, and the weather has been uncertain the past few days, but there is one thing I've already set for our trip: our sun protection!

In my family, skin care is a must because, everyone, except my husband, suffers from a skin condition. I have hyperpigmentation marks on my face and I am allergic to SUN (yes, that is a thing, unfortunately). My boy has atopic dermatitis (eczema) and also a bit of allergy to the sun rays. My little gal she has super sensitive skin and an extremely fair complexion. Of course, even if she didn't, I would be having extra care of her skin because, at age 2, the child's skin is still very delicate!

Anyway, all this just to say, we can't use whatever sun protection we find at the drugstore, and definitely, we can't use all the same products as each of us has different needs.. After a few years testing stuff, I am confident to have found the best for us, a solution for each one that fits their needs. I'm happy and a bit proud too, so I wanted to share it with you!

Coola Tropical Coconut Sunscreen spray SPF 30

This is hands down my hubby's favourite. I have a full review on Coola sunscreens (make that two reviews here and here) where you can read about the benefits and ingredients of this organic suncare. Besides all the good ingredients and the efficient protection against UVA and UVB rays, I have to say this spray smell delicious, it is super refreshing when applied, and it is a very good choice for men with body hair. I mean, have you tried dabbing a lotion or a cream on your hairy legs/arms/chest in an enviroment of sea-salt and sand? Yes, you get my point! It is soooo practical for applying and reapplying through the day!! (I must add, the ONLY way I get my man to actually re-apply his sunscreen during the day)

Daylong Baby cream SPF 30

My paediatrician initially gave me a sample of this cream for my two-year-old girl when she was still a baby. This is the third (or fourth) time I repurchase this because I am so happy with the results. My daughter's skin is well-protected and does not show any sign of intolerance what so ever (considering how sensitive is her skin).
This cream contains mineral protection (zinc oxide and titanium dioxide) but no chemical filters at all, which is a good thing if your skin is sensitive. The mineral protection is not absorbed by the skin, and it forms a physical barrier to protect the baby skin. It is very white and very thick. I know adults hate this kind of creams, but when I am applying the cream on my baby I find particularly practical to see that I haven't missed a spot.
I like this cream a lot, and I have used it on myself to protect a scar from the sun as it is very thick. I also use it on my boy to protect his nose, cheeks and ears.

Louis Widmer Sun protection Fluid for kids SPF50 (unscented)

I have lost count of how many sunscreens I've tried on my son's skin. He suffers from atopic dermatitis, generalised to his whole body. It is a bummer. He needs a special shower gel and shampoo, and lotion. And of course a special sunscreen. But of all special sunscreens we've tried, (and all that money spent) his eczema got always worse!
Now, what I'm going to say is true for MY CHILD, but everyone's skin is different, so please, consult your dermatologist or pediatrician before using something on your child, especially if he/she has a skin condition.

The problem with my son's skin was that the high percentage of mineral ingredients in most of children's dedicated suncare products was clogging his pores and provoking a reaction of his skin (remember my son's skin is not like everybody else's skin and it reacts to things we don't know why or how). It was a wise dermatologist who unfortunately already got her retirement (why do all the good doctors retire :( ) that found this Fluid could work for my child because of the specific balance between mineral and chemical ingredients and the absence of fragrance. Eureka!! It worked and for the past two years, I have bought this sunscreen over and over. My boy is well protected from the sun rays and his skin eczema hasn't worsened.

Avene Light Emulsion Very high protection SPF50 

Finally, it is my turn. I have honestly lost count of how many different products/brands/methods I have tried. Whatever I put, my skin does not support to be exposed for longer than 30 minutes. That's how long I can bear.  I am so allergic to the sun rays that when my erythèmes go off, I need to get a shot of cortisone to make it stop. This usually means driving to a hospital, waiting without an appointment in an emergency waiting room, all things we don't wish to endure and that totally ruin a day of vacation. Thus, I really, really, pay attention to sun protection.

I have trusted mineral based sunscreens for many years, but even those weren't good enough to block the rays and my allergy kept coming. So, now I opt for wearing long sleeves (my arms and chest are the most sensitive parts) and wear this Avene light emulsion on my body. I also use it on my face when I'm not wearing makeup.
It is soooo good! It sinks in completely, without leaving a trace, it is not sticky and it doesn't leave a white cast (it is pure chemical filter with thermal water). It is perfect for people who can't stand typical sunscreen smell or tackiness. Forget tackiness, try this. Pricey? yes, quite.

Avene Very high protection Stick for Sensitive skin SPF50

This stick combines mineral and chemical protection and I use it on the lips and eye-contour. When I am not wearing makeup, I also use it on the hyperpigmented areas of my face on top of my Avène emulsion.
Unlike most sunscreen sticks, this one is perfectly clear and leaves no trace. It is also very comfortable on the lips as it contains bees wax and castor oil. I apply it also on my children's and hubby's lips. I am very happy with it and I will be repurchasing it.

Lubex anti-age UV 50 Mineral

Ok, this is totally a luxury. I had the opportunity to try this for the first time last year when I was lucky enough to win a giveaway hosted by the lovely Céline from Dis moi Céline.  Since then, I love this so much. It is an anti-pollution and anti-age fluid with SPF 50 (honestly I not longer use anything lower than SPF 50 from April to September). This fluid is lightweight and its main component is mineral (titanium dioxide). But for a reason I can't explain, this does not leave a white cast even applying it heavily (as I do) It sinks in beautifully and leaves a perfect base to apply your makeup. I am totally unable to feel it or see it when my makeup is all done. This is my third tube and I couldn't be happier. I totally recommend it, especially for gals 30+. It is a bit pricey but it's definitely worthy.


As a bottom line to this post, I would like to say, the skin is the larger organ of your body, and needs care. If you are going to be directly exposed to sun rays this summer, please, take a moment to choose the right protection for you. The sun can cause irreversible damage, ageing and skin cancer.

  • Choose a high protection sunscreen. This will not prevent you from tanning, it will take longer, but you will tan in a safer way. If the colour of your skin is your main concern, remember you can always use cosmetic tanning.
  • Limit the time you are directly exposed to the minimum, seek for the shade when possible 
  • Wear a hat, sunglasses and long sleeves when possible, remember no cream/lotion/spray beats the physical barrier of clothes.
  • If you are in the regions most at risk or if you spend long hours outdoors, please be equipped with anti-UV clothes. 
  • Try to avoid exposure during the hotter hours (12 pm to 4 pm)
  • Children and elderly have higher risks of suffering sun damage as their skin is particularly delicate, thus they need to be protected with maximum care.
I hope my article was useful for you!
Have a happy and sun protected summer, sweeties!