Hello, sweeties! happy wednesday!
Last week I received a wonderful package containing the latest news from Wet n wild for this summer, which includes the new range of makeup brushes and four new Mega Glo highlighters shades! Let's discover a bit more about them, shall we?

There is a whole new range of 17 makeup brushes! The whole line features white handles, synthetic white hair with the tips dyed pink. How cute is that? The handles are plastic with an ergonomic shape for a better grip, and they all have the Wet n wild inscription in black. They come with a practical plastic pouch that covers the bristles, which are great to protect your brushes when traveling or simply to keep your brush in shape!

I am not sure whether the whole range of brushes will be available in Switzerland, but I am sure at least the four brushes I am showing you today are going to be available. I also still need to find out about the prices, but as we all know, I am sure they are going to be very affordable! I will update you with all the necessary info

Powder Brush 

Foundation brush

Eyeshadow brush

Concealer brush

I washed the brushes before using them and didn't notice any shedding, and the brushes kept their original shape very well!
I used all the brushes for their intended purpose, for the sake of testing them. Honestly, I didn't have many expectations, but I must admit I was pleasantly surprised on how well these performed.

My absolute favourite is the powder brush, it is very soft and I find it versatile, you can use it for setting powder, powder foundation, bronzer or any other powder you'd like. I personally find it a bit large for applying my highlighter or blush, because I prefer a more precise application, but that is a question of taste I guess. I was needing a spare powder brush and this one definitely passed my personal quality test!

My second favourite is the "concealer brush", I do not use it for concealer, because I prefer concealres that come with a wand and I pat with my finger to blend, or blend it with a dense brush (I prefer the fingers though) BUT I found this little thin and precise brush absolutely perfect for cream eyeshadow application! I really loved it for that purpose!

The eyeshadow brush is not bad at all, I find it works just fine as a lid shader and also as a blending brush. I personally prefer a more tapered shape to use as a crease brush, so I wouldn't be using this for that. All in all is a pretty functional brush and always nice to have one more spare eyeshadow brush!

The foundation brush is my least favourite. Not that is a bad one, but I simply do not like applying my foundation with a flat brush. I've done it and I find that it leaves brushstrokes traces on my face, and I always need a second tool to blend that out. HOWEVER, I will definitely be using this little brush for applying my facial masks and skincare! I think that is so fancy! I have seen some YouTubers apply their masks with brushes, but for this po'gal, there was no way I was buying a brush specifically for that purpose, but honestly the Wet n wild brushes are so affordable (2.99 USD on the US site -Swiss price to be confirmed) that I can totally indulge in a couple of these babies and give myself a fancy masking session, what do you think?

Megaglo Highlighting powder in  Precious Petals

Now please, brace yourselves because this is such a beauty! Wetnwild used to have two shades of Megaglo Highlighting powder available, that are so awesome that kept people asking for more. You wanted more? Wetnwild just came up with 4 new shades! I am for certain at least two of them will be available in Switzerland. One is the GORGEOUS "precious petals" which is a Rose gold shade that is simply out of this freaking world! please, look at this beauty!!

The Megaglo Highlighter is a very fine powder, with a lovely "creamy" texture. It is very pigmented and light-reflective but you can totally modulate its intensity on the skin. If you like a more subtle glow like me, you can totally achieve it applying it with a lighter hand. Otherwise, get ready to be seen from outer-space!!

The second shade that will hit Swiss counters is "crown of my Canopy" a warm tan shade that will transform you in a glowing bronze goddess, yeaaah!


I intended to write this review yesterday, but I've been feeling under the weather these days, I might have caught a virus or something... not a rare thing when you have young children, but still quite annoying in Summer. So I'm kind of rushing today to have this published, but I will definitely update the availability and prices info in the next few hours.

So, what do you think of the latest Wetnwild launches? Anything you fancy? Let me know in the comments!! Check wet n wild Store Locator to find your nearest store in Switzerland.