Hello, my lovelies! How are you doing today?
I am super happy because I have planned a few changes in my life that get me excited! I will tell you more about it soon. I'm also super excited because "Winter Fall is coming", LOL, ! yessss! my favourite season! Halloween is just around the corner, to me all the leather boots and jackets, silk scarfs matching my nails and all the goodness of the landscape colour changing!!!
That would be enough for me, but if there is yet another reason to be happy about the cold season approaching, that has to be the new OPI Iceland Collection* for Fall/Winter 2017! It is beyond gorgeous and today I have the swatches to share with you!! This gorgeous collection has officially released yesterday in Switzerland and will be available for the next 6 months. Are you ready to choose your next nail colour?

"This fall, journey to the magical land of blue lagoons and Northern Lights with the Iceland Collection by OPI. Featuring a palette inspired by the country’s scenic, varied landscape of volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, lava fields and glaciers, this collection offers a range of captivating, chic hues that portray the wild beauty of Iceland.
The Iceland Collection features 12 new shades in classic Nail Lacquer, Long-Wear Infinite Shine and
GelColor formulas, with colours inspired by the country’s unspoiled, otherworldly terrain. Stunning
moss-covered lava fields, black sand beaches and vast mountain ranges with unique volcanic rock
formations lend themselves to shades of chocolate browns, dark gray and khaki green. Water – in the
form of hot springs, waterfalls and icebergs – and open, expansive skies inspire rich hues of blue
ranging from sparkling jewel-tones to cooler blue-grays. Lingering sunsets yield an array of hues, from orange clay and wine red to shimmering mauve and various tones of purple – including dusky violet, berry and deep eggplant-gray.
“Iceland is quickly rising to the top of everyone’s ‘must-see’ list, thanks to its unparalleled landscapes, diverse food culture and unique fashion,” states OPI co-founder and brand ambassador, Suzi Weiss-Fischmann. “In designing the colors for the Iceland Collection, I was of course inspired by the country’s rugged, natural beauty – from the rare northern lights to majestic glaciers, Iceland is unlike anywhere else in the world! I also turned to its largest city Reykjavik for inspiration; in this creative mecca, women embrace self-expression with distinctively individual styles. The food scene is equally exciting, featuring fresh ingredients and blending traditional cuisine with imaginative new concepts.
“This fall, black is the new black,” continues Weiss-Fischmann. “Expect to see lots of varied hues of
this classic shade, with sophisticated undertones of brown and gray, as well as blue hues, with denim
remaining a major trend. With the Iceland Collection by OPI, consumers have many options, from highfashion shades of blue-gray, khaki green and orange clay to updated timeless deep, dark hues of
blue, black, brown and berry.”

These are twelve mostly creme shades except for one metallic, one subtle shimmer and one duochrome shimmer. The Collection as a whole is a wonderful palette that recalls nature and the most beautiful landscapes of Iceland. It has 5 light shades, which is quite surprising and edgy for the cold season, 4 medium shades (not too dark nor too light) and  3 dark deep, intense shades that are typically so chic and sophisticated for Fall. 

The twelve shades of this collection are available in three formulas: Regular OPI Nail Polish (with black cap), the longlasting Infinite Shine Formula (with Silver cap), and the GelColor formula. I have swatched all of the colours in the regular nail polish formulation, which I'm really happy because it is hands down my favourite formula!

Let's start with the swatches, shall we?  I'm showing you all the swatches with two coats of colour and with basecoat (without topcoat), Please, remember you can click on the pics to enlarge them :)

Icelanded a Bottle of OPI And you’ll make the softest touchdown in this dove beige.
Not "another beige", because this is the coolest-toned beige in my collection (I have around 15 beiges and they are all warm-toned). This has the perfect touch of grey undertone in it, which makes it particularly flattering and quite unique!

That’s What Friends Are Thor Who’s afraid of Ice Giants? Not you in this powerful, earthy brown.
This rich warm brown won't fail to remind me of chocolate. It's yumminess.

Krona-logical Order Here’s a rich espresso that’s right on the money.
One would ask how many brown shades does a collection need? But honestly, Krona-logical order is one of the most beautiful deep brown I own! It is great because it has that awesome grey undertone that makes it so cool-toned! Absolutely gorgeous ♥

Suzi & The Arctic Fox Bring out the fox in you through this purple-kissed hue.
This is another master piece for the dark polish lovers, is black, but is brown, but is grey, but is blue, but is purple... what the heck is this? I tell you, it's perfect!

Turn On the Northern Lights! Straight from the midnight sky, this deep purple sets the stage for an
unforgettableshow.Stop everything you are doing, please, look at this now. This is a deep indigo blue, with golden-hotpink shimmer! it is an absolute beauty to watch this under the sun and my pics don't make it justice.

This Isn’t Greenland But wherever you wear it, this mystical moss fits right in.
Now is when I start saying "this isn't your typical winter collection". This green is absolutely unexpected! It is a light shade, muted enough to be a great option for Fall, but bright enough to cheer up the glomiest of the winter-days!

Less is Norse But this dark ice blue says the Nordic the merrier.
I'm so in love with this muted denim blue, because: look at that shine!! This shows two coats without topcoat, formulation was a pleasure to apply, I hardly had any clean up to do. And it looks so freaking chic!

Check Out the Old Geysirs And call this true blue your new faithful.
 Check out the Old Geysirs is such a rare shade of powder blue with grey undertone and blue flash! Please, take a look at my outdoor pictures where you can spot the subtle blue shimmer! This is gorgeous and totally unique iin my collection, and it also defies what a typical winter collection should look like!

I’ll Have a Gin & Tectonic Skal! Here’s our toast to all that glows beneath the surface.
A lovely muted peachy pink it's the perfect touch to any dark colour winter outfit! It's so feminin!

One Heckla of a Color! Feeling volcanic? You’ll find a hot companion in this frosty purple.
Another great unexpected color in this collection, and it couldn't be named more appropriately. I love this to pieces.

Reykjavik Has All the Hot Spots You’ll be shimmering in the spotlight with this dusky mauve.
This was my least favourtie, because I'm not fan of frosty finish, but you have to give them the great formulation a high five, because this hardly shows brushstrokes (and I'm terrible at applying frosty colours).

Aurora Berry-alis When the sun goes down, glowing pink lights up the night
A lovely muted rose-pink (I don't see much berry here, but that's quite subjective isn't it?) and I must say there is nothing like it in my collection, which is saying a lot for a woman who own 57 polishes catalogued as "Berry color". Yes, I have a problem, I know.

As a bottom line I'd like to say "HOLLY SMOKES!!!". I already know that the OPI polishes are a pleasure to work with, they have the perfect consistency for a flawless application. I applied two effortless coats, they were even and stroke-free, they all reached full opaqueness in two coats. But this time, the formulation simply blew my mind. They dried super fast even without a topcoat, I think these are among the fastest drying nail polishes I've tried as of late. I do swatch pretty quickly, I sit, lay my base coat, paint my nails, snap the pictures, remove the polish and start again, until I'm done with the twelve colours. I do not add a top coat for the simple reason that it is a waste of product. I only wear this colours for a couple of minutes w swatching, and they ALL dried fully without any top coat before I could even take the pictures. I don't recall any other collection I've swatch doing this! Thumbs and toes up for OPI!
I have done a wearing test with one of the shades (OPI Aurora Berry-alis). I'll update you soon enough because I've painted my nails on Sunday, and today is Wednesday and they haven't chipped yet. There is only minimal tip wear and I haven't applied a topcoat on it! It is super impressive, I always chip my nails without topcoat on the second day.

So, what are your picks in this collection? I love this collection on the whole, I think the colour choices are super original for winter, but you get also the more "typical" winter shades. If I had to choose only three (that's so difficult!) I'd probably say Turn on the Nothern-Lights, Check out the Old Geysirs and Suzi & the Artic fox are three I consider must haves, but honestly, I like them all! Which are your favourites?

The OPI Iceland Collection has launched the 22nd August 2017 in Switzerland. All the colours are available (for at least six months) in classic nail polish, Infinite Shine formula and GelColor, with the recommended retail price of 19.90 CHF/bottle (15 ml) for the classic formula and 24.90 CHF/bottle (15ml) for the Infinite Shine. You can find your nearest point of sale here: www.opiswiss.ch/wheretobuy.


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