Happy Friday 13th, sweeties!

The ladies of the "26 Great Nail Art Ideas" group were very efficient and, as last Friday I announced the end of the 26GNAI challenge, I'm here to announce you the beginning of a new edition of the 26 Great Nail Art Ideas challenge, YAY! I'm so excited about it! 26 new Nail art themes to create a new manicure every fortnight, if you fancy, don't hesitate to join us.

Today's theme is Friday 13th, in the month of Halloween I suppose this might have something to do with the famous movie called Friday 13th that I have never watched and not planning to watch.. in this life. I hate horror movies. BUT, fortunately for me, Friday 13th is also frequently associated with bad luck and superstition. And that's what my manicure is about today. Let me show you.

I'm not a superstitious person, but I am familiar with the concept because in my country a lot of people is very superstitious. I am aware that every culture has their own superstitions, and the number 13, especially the Friday 13th, is in many places associated with bad luck. In my country, it is Tuesday 13th that is said to bring bad luck, but not for everything only to start a trip and to get married. The saying goes: "Martes 13, no te cases ni te embarques" which means in English "Tuesday 13, do not get married or embark".

I must say that people do not pay much attention to it, and the number 13 is not considered unlucky per se. There is another superstition that seems more popular and equally irrational which is "don't let a black cat cross your way". So in the case that a black cat walks in front of you, you should turn back and change your way, avoiding to trespass the imaginary itinerary of the black cat. Seriously?
What are the superstitious beliefs in your country/culture?

For today's manicure, I first painted my nails using Zoya Posh, a matte red absolutely beautiful. Over which I stamped using Born Pretty Store Black stamping polish, MoYou London White Knight stamping polish and Born Pretty Store stamping plates BP-L003, BP-L025 and BP-L031.
I didn't seal the manicure with a top coat because I wanted to keep the matte effect and my current matte topcoat is a total fail! If you know about a good matte top coat that you would recommend please, let me know.

I hope you'd like my manicure, and beware of black cats! haha. You can check my challenge mates manicures here below.

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Have a wonderful weekend,

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