Hello sweeties! Happy Friday! How are you today?
I am going to try very hard -and totally unsuccessfully- to hide my excitement because I have been trying new skin care! Wiiii!!
You know how excited I get when it's time for new skincare so that I completely lose control of my exclamation marks!!! The same as for a good piece of cake -or even a bad one. I also fail in hiding my enthusiasm for cake, you can actually easily read it on my face -and my saliva dripping on the corner of my mouth. But I digress, let's get back to the only motive of this post: There is a new luxury brand in the neighboorhood, she's Premier Dead Sea and I have been testing three products* from its Biox Ultra range that I will present you in my in-depth, fully informal but extremely honest review. Please, keep reading!

Back in November -yes, that's correct- I received from Premier Dead Sea a huge surprise, three of their Biox Ultra products! I got the Biox Intensive Age Defying Eye Cream Gel, the Biox Intense Age Defying Serum and the Biox Intense Age Defying Cream

What took me so long?! Well, unfortunately, I was sick for most of November and then all the family went down with the flu again in December. It was a pretty "ish" period. The point is, I don't like to test new-to-me skincare when I'm not healthy. There are many reasons for this, but the main one being that my skin loses balance and becomes extremely dehydrated with the addition of breakouts and dry patches when I'm ill and have a fever. All of which doesn't give me a stable background to actually judge on the eventual effects (positive or negative) the skincare in question may have on me. So I patiently waited to get better and started testing these three products only four weeks ago. 

Premier Dead Sea laboratories are based in Israel and develop high-quality skincare using the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals. Their products are distinctive because they combine the benefits of the Dead Sea minerals, of Algae from the Dead Sea, of black mud from the Dead Sea and their innovative Liposome Complex.

I have had the occasion to test other products with Dead Sea Salt and Mud in the past and I was never disappointed. There is truth in the claims that it has beneficial effects on health and skin: "Compared to the 3% salt content of ordinary sea water, the Dead Sea water contains 32% salts with a relatively high concentration of minerals such as magnesium, calcium, bromide and potassium. Exposure to Dead Sea water is uniquely acclaimed for nourishing the skin, easing rheumatic discomfort, activating the circulatory system, and relaxing the nerves." Dead Sea salt is known to improve the skin state by purifying the pores and smoothing wrinkles.

The Premier website describes this Eye Cream Gel as follows: "An essential daily treatment to fight the appearance of tension around the eyes.  Spontaneous and regular face movements result in wrinkles and lines of various depths, known as expression lines.  This advanced solution is a safe alternative to cosmetic injections and will help hide imperfections and wrinkles that give away our age. 

This complex is rich in Dead Sea minerals and salts, leaving skin firm, radiant, and youthful.  It dramatically reduces the appearances of wrinkles, crow’s feet, and other expression lines.


After cleansing, dab a small amount onto crow’s feet and wrinkle-prone areas around the eyes.  Massage gently in upward motions.  Use daily."

My experience

Out of the three products I've tried this is my favourite. Starting with the packaging. I love that this is in a squeeze tube and not in a jar, the product is better preserved and unlike products with a pump, I can control very well how much product I use. Usually, when eye creams have a pump, the smallest amount you get is too much for me and I end up wasting product. This squeeze tube with a very tiny hole allows me to never waste the smallest drop! Thumbs up to Premier for that!

Now, a bit of background about my little old eyes. I have very sensitive eyes, and also a very dry eye contour, especially in winter. Using regular gel eye products doesn't seem to be enough to keep my eye contour (and my eyelids) moisturized throughout the day, whereas other richer creams are either too oily to be used during daytime (especially with makeup) or their emollients end up slipping inside my eyes and causing irritation. I have some creams I really like and keep repurchasing (Rexaline Hydra-eyezone, Clarins Special eye contour balm) but, while they are good for one thing, they don't perform well for everything, there is always something missing. There was only one other product that did all for me (Gattinoni cream) but which wasn't specially formulated for the eye area and contained quite a bit of alcohol. I've had a bad experience of irritated eyes with that cream (which was entirely my fault as it is not meant for the eye contour). 

Premier Biox Intensive Age Defying eye cream gel is the best eye contour product I have used so far. It simply ticks all the boxes in my book. It is lightweight, but potently moisturizing. Upon application it feels refreshing, its gel-like consistency penetrates the skin quickly but it allows for massaging the contour area a little first, which I love. Once absorbed, it leaves a smooth satin feeling that lasts practically throughout the whole day, making my eye area feeling comfortably hydrated (which is not the case with other products, my eye area starts feeling dry and uncomfortable after a few hours).

There is more, I actually notice a difference regarding my expression wrinkles in the eye surroundings! After a few days of using this eye cream morning and evening, I noticed my eye area more luminous and relaxed. I don't have very deep wrinkles in this area (yet) but I do have some expression lines that look pretty bad especially when I'm tired or my skin is not well hydrated. I don't think I have the appropriate photograph equipment to actually show you the difference, but it is noticeable, and I'm not the only one who sees it! My hubby has also noticed a difference (without me asking). My skin looks more relaxed, decongested, I don't longer get puffy eyes in the mornings even in the worse hormonal days. My eyes seem more widely opened, and my expresion lines look softened. I am really blown by this little tube.

The ingredients

If you are interested in knowing what the ingredients are, they are fully listed in the picture below and they're nothing less than amazing. I'm not an expert in chemistry, but for I can deduce by reading the ingredients is that the exclusive "Liposome complex" developed by Permier used to administer the full potential of other ingredients the  is quite high on the list (5th place). Followed by Retinyl acetate, which is a natural form of vitamin A which is the acetate ester of retinol, another very good active. Then there is Tochopherol, which is an activate with vitamin E, followed by Ginkgo Biloba leaf extract, which is an anti ageing, Rosa Moschata seed oil, which is known to reduce dark spots, hydrate and reduce fine lines. Nasturtium extract, which ads fragrance and skin conditioners. There is also Oat extract, Lactic acid which is an exfoliant, Kojic acid, which helps reducing pigmentation, Dead sea salt, which has all the benefits I mentioned above, Aloe vera leaf juice, which is all kinds of goodness! On the downside, it does contain Fragrance, in the 5th to last ingredient. I really like this mild sweet floral, lemony scent, it is very soft and disappears upon application. Despite the presence of a scent I haven't had irritation issues at all.

The Premier Biox Intensive Age Defying eye cream gel comes in a 15ml tube, retails for CHD 139 and it is available online at premier-deadsea.ch or on your nearest store here.

The Claims

The Premier website describes this Age defying serum as follows: "This formula was designed to diminish skins tension and lessen the effects of time. By dramatically reducing wrinkles and sagging skin, this product gives skin an immediate optimized toned and elastic appearance. This highly advanced treatment is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, mineral salts, and firming properties that soften and lift skin for a more youthful look. Fresh vitamin capsules burst upon contact with skin to restore a natural, smooth glow while wrinkles and expression marks fade away. 

Onto cleansed skin apply twice daily".

My experience

The packaging of this serum is very beautiful and luxurious, but also convenient. It comes in a red glass bottle with golden details and a pump. The pump has a locking system that makes it safer for transportation (although I wouldn't travel with this kind of luxury skincare). It is a joy to look at and it looks super chic on my vanity, if that is something you care for.

As I've said one trillion times on this blog, I have dry skin, with the occasional hormonal breakout, winter is a disgrace for my skin! I don't have super deep wrinkles (yet) but I do have some marked line expresion in the forehead and the smile lines around the mouth (I'm a smiley person). Although I'm certain it will get worse as I age, I don't plan on stop smiling for that reason. Taking into account my genetic background, my face shape, the quality of my skin and how the older members of my family have aged, I'm pretty sure wrinkles won't be my greatest problem ever. But saggy skin IS !! I'm the chubby kind of girl. You know, chubby cheeks are a good way to contrast deep wrinkles, but I can't begin to tell you how bad it looks when age and gravity start taking your cheeks down... the #bulldogkindacheeks is not a good look. So if you want to sell me something, you just tell me it will reduce saggy skin and I'm all for it.

The Serum has a gel-like consistency with microspheres that dissolve as you apply the product. Upon application, the Serum smells divine (same scent as the eye cream but a little stronger) it feels refreshing and very hydrating. It penetrates fully leaving a soft satin feeling on the skin, but before being absorbed it allows you to massage it well into the skin, which I strongly recommend. If you have saggy skin like me, upward massage movements with the appropriate product are the most beneficial.

Concerning the results this product had on my skin, there certainly are and they are positive and noticeable. But I can't fully separate which was done by the serum or by the cream or by the combination of both, as I've always used the serum and the cream in conjunction. So I will describe the benefits I got further below after I described the cream. Please, keep reading!

The ingredients

All the ingredients are listed in the picture below.
Basically is water and silicon-based, with the following actives:
Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Leaf Water function as a skin conditioning agents. They enhance the appearance of dry or damaged skin and help to reduce flaking and restores the suppleness of skin.
Nasturtium extract, which ads fragrance and skin conditioners. 
Oat Kernel extract, which is an antioxidant and emollient. 
Aloe Leaf Juice, which is emollient and its soothes skin thanks to its anti-inflammatory effect.
Lactic acid, an AHA exfoliant that helps reduce breakouts and the appearance of wrinkles.
Kojic Acid, which helps reducing pigmentation.
Bearberry leaf extract, it has natural cleansing properties, which help minimize the appearance of pores, helping skin to appear smoother and more uniform while reducing puffiness.
Dead Sea Salt, see benefits above.
It contains fragrance in the 4th-to-last ingredient.

The Premier Biox Intensive Age Defying Serum comes in a  50 ml tube, retails for CHD 189 and it is available online at premier-deadsea.ch or on your nearest store here.

The claims

"The final touch in the BIOX ULTRA Treatment. This cream is rich in Dead Sea minerals and is a safe anti-aging alternative to cosmetics procedures. The varying depths of expression lines mark the skin from regular, everyday facial movements.  This formula dramatically reduces the appearance of expression marks by fortifying the natural composition of skin.  Biox Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Cream will reduce wrinkles and tension by providing a firmer, more radiant appearance for younger-looking skin.

onto cleansed skin (ideally after the serum) apply twice daily."

My experience

If you've read up to here you already know everything about my skin and what I expect from this cream.

The Cream comes in a fancy round shaped jar, made of the same red glass the Serum bottle is made of, with a fancy golden domed screwing cap that gives me the hardest time to open, especially after I've applied my serum and my hands are moisturized. I can't grasp the cap to unscrew it without washing my hands first. I don't love jars, in fact, I hate having to dip my fingers into the cream! Luckily this product comes with a small spatula/applicator that will help you take the product a little more hygienically.

The cream has a very pleasant consistency, it is not overly rich and it does not feel oily in the least. In fact, it feels quite lightweight for an antiageing cream upon application, but very moisturizing at the same time. It does take a bit to absorb completely, around 5-8 minutes I would say, which allows you to massage it into the skin. In the mornings, I brush my teeth and then my hair while waiting for the cream to sink in before I apply makeup, while in the evenings I just sit and relax. Once it is completely absorbed the face feels fresh, moisturised and looks slightly brighter.

Needless to say, the cream has worked wonders for my skin in the hydrating department. All the breakouts and dry patches caused by the long period I was sick, were gone very quickly. In fact, after the first week of use, my skin looked already great, soft, smooth, luminous and fully hydrated, which was a blessing. In addition, I find the cream to be an excellent primer, it agrees very well with all the foundations I've tested it with so far. I'm surprised as it doesn't seem to contain silicons (or very little of them), but it also contains some oils, so you never know what the reaction with your makeup will be. In this case, I find it to fit perfectly as a primer, so much that I haven't been using one for quite a long time.

But does this thing really work as anti-ageing?? I have noticed the positive effects of using the serum and the cream together, although I couldn't dissociate which of the product does what. It is quite visible, my skin looks and feels smooth and brighter. My expression lines are softer, in fact, the line on my forehead is no longer there when I relax my face. Concerning the sagginess of my cheeks and my double chin, I'd say the effects are less impressive. I never expected that a cream could magically make my double chin disappear. But I did hope the skin would be a bit firmer after 4 weeks of use. While my skin does look and feel in an excellent condition, and it actually feels firmer, especially immediately after application, I don't think this firmness actually makes a noticeable difference to my appearance.

The ingredients

All the ingredients are listed in the picture below.
Basically is water-based, I couldn't spot any of the most known silicon ingredients, but then I'm not a chemist. In my opinion, it has no (or very little) silicon with the following actives:
Sweet almond oilNasturtium extract,  Oat Kernel extractLactic acidKojic AcidBearberry leaf extractLiposome complex, Retinyl acetate, Tochopherol, Rosa Moschata seed oil, Dead Sea Salt and Aloe Leaf juiceIt contains fragrance in the 6th-to-last ingredient.

The Premier Biox Intensive Age Defying Cream comes in a 60 ml jar, retails for CHD 189 and it is available online at premier-deadsea.ch or on your nearest store here.



These are what I consider high-quality products that are also really expensive. Most people's budget couldn't afford going steady with this luxury skincare routine. I know I couldn't. That being said, behind the concept of Luxury, there is the idea of indulgence of the senses regardless of the cost. Quite obviously, luxury will mean a different thing for each person. For some it might mean sporting expensive designers bags or shoes, or driving a fancy car, staying in a high rated hotel or, like me, having a daily moment of self-pampering with high-quality skin care products. I love this special "me-time". Although I can't offer myself this kind of skin care all the time -not even very often-, I do like to spoil myself every once in a while and that's why it consists in a luxury for me.

Using these products has been a very delightful experience for me, from the packaging to the fragrance and the textures, but it has also delivered noticeable positive results for my skin, which is the most important when talking about skincare. I can see the improvements and others can see them too! I will continue to use the products until I finish them, and I will probably indulge on the eye cream-gel for the next special occasion because it really is the best I've tried so far.

The Premier Biox Ultra range is an excellent anti-ageing line, that lives up to their claims and the luxury feeling one could expect for the price. I gladly recommend it if you can afford it. Do I think it is a necessity? Definitely not, you can have a very good skincare routine that fits your budget. I believe everyone should use what they can afford, I don't find it reasonable to make sacrifices in order to get products that are beyond our budget, but I do like to indulge in a more expensive item just for the pleasure every now and then. 

I hope my review was helpful to you! If you have questions, need more clarification or further info, do not hesitate to leave me a comment, it'll be much appreciated. 

What are your thoughts about Luxury Skincare? Have you tried any of the Premier products? What does luxury mean to you?

Have a nice weekend, sweeties!

*Press sample in exchange for my honest review. All the opinions are my own and 100% honest.
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