Swarovski has recently launched a new amazing Valentine's day Collection, as every year. But there is also a collection called #SwarovskiRemix with a new concept that I find absolutely brilliant! You know I have a soft spot for Rose gold jewellery, and my hubby got me a wonderful bracelet from this collection while we were in Brighton, for our 20th anniversary.
I'll tell you more about the Remix collection if you keep reading!

The Swarovski Remix collection is such a brilliant and versatile collection, I couldn't resist it. It basically consists of a collection of strands that have a powerful magnet in each end. One strand is great to be used as a bracelet like I wear mine. In the future I could add a second strand, to get a double bracelet, a third strand for a necklace and you can keep going, collecting them, so you can switch them, match them to your outfit or other pieces of jewellery you already have.  All the pieces are compatible and can be joined with each other thanks to the magnets. This is a GREAT idea for people buying on a budget. I can get one strand, and wear it alone as it is beautiful, very sleek and elegant, really delicate. Right up my alley!

The choice of strands is pretty impressive, too. There are silver, gold, rose gold coloured strands, some with natural pearls, crystals, or different coloured details and charms. You can check all their options here: The Swarovski Remix Collection.

I chose a strand with rounded details, which is Rose gold plated and has tiny crystal pavé. I thought it would be perfect with the other pieces I already own, and I wasn't mistaken! In the future, I will add a second strand and with time I can even build a small collection, there are new launches all the time, right now, there are a few new strands especially dedicated to Valentine's day celebration.

I love my new strand which matches perfectly my Swarovski ring in rose gold, that hubby gave me last year for Mother's day.

I love the rounded shapes the crystals pavé placed with Pointiage, the colour, the way it suits my skin tone, I love everything about it!
This strand also matches my Swarovski Forward earrings, which are also rose gold plated and sooooo pretty! I can't wait for the next occasion I can get a second similar strand to create my own necklace.

I am super excited about my new Swarovski bracelet! What do you think of this Remix collection? Is this something that interests you? What kind of jewellery do you like? Tell me about it in the comments!


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