Metal nail files are out. Yes Mam', if you are still using a metal nail file you should know you could be damaging your nails! In fact, it takes a pro-technique to actually file your nails correctly with a metal file, which most of us totally ignore.
The safest option today is a glass nail file. The best nail salons and nail pros only use glass nail files, and they are also a great option for your personal use at home!

Czech crystal glass nail files, like the ones I got from Aveniro*, are amog the best tools you can find to take care of your nails, especially if your nails are weak and propense to splits and breaking. Find out why you should be ditching your old metal or paper files and get a glass one! Crystal nail files are suitable for professional usage because they guarantee a high hygienic standard. They are also health–safe and ecological.

1. Gentle but efficient treatment of nails

Thanks to the manufacturing technology the grinding surface of glass nail files consists of microscopic sharp spikes that are very evenly distributed on the surface. This way it is achieved that filing of nails with Czech glass nail files is very gentle, yet efficient at the same time. You don't have an uncomfortable feeling while filing. Nails are smoother than when using ordinary paper of metal files, they do not split and do not peel. Adopting a glass nail files prevents nail chipping and contributes to overall well-being of the nails.

2. Czech crystal glass nail files do not blunt and wear out

The grinding surface of ordinary paper or metal nail files is formed of grinding grains attached to a base. The grains tend to fall off after some time; the file gets blunt and needs to be replaced. The grinding surface of crystal nail files is created right out of the file body, by chemical action onto the glass surface. This way a practically unlimited lifespan of crystal nail files is achieved.

3. Increased Resistance

All glass nail files from Aveniro, pass during through a hardening process (chemical hardening), during which their mechanical resistance is significantly increased. Which makes your nail file much more durable than other glass files in the market.

4. Very High Hygienic standards 

Due to the material features the crystal nail files are not porous, which means that they don't absorb water and multiplication of germs does not occur. Besides that the glass nail files can be disinfected, scalded out and sterilized by any means (heat, liquids like e.g. 60% ethanol, UV light). Even in aggressive conditions, the properties of glass files are not influenced, the files do not suffer from corrosion or any other negative change of their properties so that the qualities of the file itself are not affected.

5. Perfect for Professional usage

Two features of the crystal glass nail files are important for professional usage: firstly the excellent grinding properties of the crystal nail files, which guarantee quality and careful nail treatment, and secondly the feasibility of sterilization, which eliminates the risk of translation of skin and nail infections among the customers.

6. Health–safety

Material the crystal nail files are made of is flat glass of common composition, which does not contain any dangerous, deleterious or allergenic components. The health–safety of Czech crystal nail files has been confirmed by a certificate elaborated in an accredited laboratory of the National Health Institute of Czech Republic. In relation to the environment, glass is an inert and easily recyclable material.

7. Czech crystal glass nail files are multifunctional

Czech crystal glass nail files are primarily determined for filing and treatment of both natural and artificial nails (for artificial nails it is recommended to dip the file in water frequently). Crystal nail files can be used also for removal of callous skin in the heel or elbow area, for treatment of pets’ claws and in technical fields for gentle filing of softer materials like plastics or wood (e.g. in modelling). However, the crystal nail files are not suitable for materials harder than glass (like e.g. metals).

There are also Pedicure glass files!!

The foot file is gentle and safe. In comparison with other pedicure tools you take no risks of injuries while using our foot files. Skin does not tear after its usage but becomes soft and tempting to touch. Moreover, our glass rasp is produced in DUO variant, i.e. with two different roughnesses on one file. The coarser side removes fast and effectively calloused skin and the smoother side serves to neatening of skin. And to clean it? it is super easy! you can wash it by hand or simply put it in your dishwasher!

All aveniro nail files come in a large range of decorations, either simply coloured or with elaborated details like hand painting, crystal decorations, metal decorations or even engraved.

You can find more information on Aveniro website

What about you? What kind of tool do you use for your manicures or pedicures?


* Press sample. Content shared from website