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I'm very excited to show you my new brushes from the Real Techniques Insta-pop Collection! I've been testing these for a while and if you were thinking to get one of these brushes, I think you'd better read about my experience first because it could be somewhat useful. I'll be talking about the Insta-Pop Face brush and the Insta-Pop cheek brush after the jump!

Around the end of last year, I was thinking of getting a new powder makeup brush but with a specific purpose. You know that I believe that makeup tools make a great difference in terms of ease of application and final results of your makeup. I always prefer brushes, instead of sponges, which are very popular, but not practical for me. I own two beautiful powder brushes, one is by Wayne Goss #11 (which I reviewed here), which I use daily with compact or loose powder, and which is pretty luxurious, very delicate and soft. I take care of its natural bristles and avoid washing it too often. I also have a Powder Bleu brush by Real Techniques (which I reviewed here) that is made of synthetic brstles, soft and amazing for blending my finishing powder all over my face. But it's a pretty large brush so it is not very good for more precise application or for the "baking" technique. I thought I would pick the Insta Pop facee brush and the cheek brush to see if they could work for me.

The new Insta-Pop  Collection 

The motto of this collection is "High Impact colour without the mess". The characteristic of all the brushes in this collection is the extremely tapered shape. The brushes head's offer a "sloped" flat surface, that helps the application of loose powders and pigments.

Insta-Pop Face brush

It is conceived for full coverage setting, baking and powder application. It has an extremely taper shape for concentrated application and it is ideal for loose powder.
The bristles are super soft and they are very pleasant on the skin. The brush is quite dense but the shape and length of the bristles allow for great flexibility, which let you choose the intensity of application.
I have used it with loose powder to try the "baking" technique, and I must say the application is definitely not as concentrated as it is with a sponge. So if you are used to "baking" with a sponge and you like that, don't get this brush for that purpose, or it will disappoint you. Now, I personally dislike the application of powder with a sponge. I find it chunky, cakey and always too much for my dry skin. So I have appreciated a more subtle application with this brush. It was also a breeze to swipe off the excedent powder once I finished "baking".

Although I haven't tried it yet, I have the impression this would be a nice brush for liquid foundations as well! I will test and let you know ith an update here.

The Insta-Pop Face brush is super easy to clean as the bristles are very flexible and they don't absorb much product. However, I notice it takes 4 times longer to dry once I wash it than my regular Expert Face brush by the same brand. I've washed both brushes at the same time, and while my Expert Face Brush was dry around 5 to 6 hours later, it took about 24 hours to dry to the Insta-Pop one!! If that is something you care for, you might want to take it into account when shopping for brushes.

Insta-pop Cheek brush

The Insta Pop cheek brush is designed for a one-sweep application of bold cheek colour. It also has an extremely taper shape for concentrated application and it is ideal for loose pigment blush or highlighters. It is as well a quite dense brush but also very flexible, it picks up quite a bit of product, so it definitely allows for a concentrated application. I had loved using it with blushes and highlighter, I think it allows me to dose my application as I wish and it is also great for blending out the colours as the bristles are so flexible. It also offers a precise application because of its angled shaped and it is very easy to clean (although it takes a bit longer to dry when you wash them).


All in all, these are nice quality, multipurpose brushes that I can recommend! I will try the face brush with liquid foundation and I think it will be good for that. The cheek brush is my new favourite, much better than the original blush brush by Real Techniques which is too large and chunky.

What is your favourite way to apply makeup? Do you use the "baking technique"? What are your thoughts about this new brushes range I just showed? Let me know all in the comments section!!


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