Hello, sweeties! Happy Sunday!

In today's "outfit" post, I'd like to talk about another trend that started last year and stays strong this year too: Pleated skirts! I hesitated to adopt this trend because pleated skirts are not the most flattering on my body shape. Until I saw this printed skirt in shades of blue and fell for it, especially for its flowy fabric. I thought it would be fresh and comfortable for the warm months ahead all while being quite chic, so I finally adopted it! Here is how I style my spring Pleated Skirt.

Today I'll be focusing on this rather "trendy" piece that is the "pleated skirt". You know I'm not one to jump into every trend out there, but I personally find this one to be feminine, comfortable and quite flattering, so I have eventually adopted it!
Last year and this year as well,  we've been seeing 80's and 90's trends re-appear and be re-interpreted by almost every designer there is and the pleated skirt is one of them. Pleated skirts are a very old thing, but they were also all the rave back in the early 80's. I was a child back then but I remember my mom having more than one pleated skirt that she wore to go to work.

Trying to find out more about this fashion, I came across a text that explained how the pleated technique or "plissé technique" goes all the way back to ancient Egypt and it was used only by high ranked personalities and rulers. But I was again surprised to learn, that the pleated skirt was made popular by ancient Greek soldiers!! Yes, of course, once I've read it, I totally remembered those pictures in Greek vases and mosaics of soldiers with their Spartan sandals, pleated skirts and helmets, so it became pretty evident to me that whatever trend I've presented you, so far, has always been first used by army men!!! (which freaked me out a little). But yes,  I've talked about gabardine trenches (worn by Soldiers in the Great War), Biker's leather jackets (worn by soldiers in WWII) and now pleated skirts, worn by ancient Greek soldiers first. So let's all agree that fashion is a pretty strange thing! But if one garment survives the wear that a warrior gives them, you can be pretty sure it will last you quite a bit! LOL

I don't think I would buy many different pleated skirts, but I'm happy owning one, it can be styled in so many different ways! More dressy, more casually, or in between. I can wear it during the day for a walk in the park with the children and sneakers, but also with high heels for a night out. So I'm glad I got it!

My personal styling trick: 
Everywhere I see, pleated skirts are worn high waisted, belted, and either with a crop top, or a tuck-in top. This way of wearing it seems great for very slim people, whereas in myy case, my hips are CONSIDERABLY wider than my waist (which I'm not really complaining about, just something I acknowledge). In my case, high waisted skirts that suit my waist would be too narrow for y hips, making the pleats "de-pleat" LOL
I found a turn around trick that is finding a larger skirt and instead of tucking my shirt in it, I wear my shirt over the skirt, hiding the bits where the pleats open up a bit.

Today's look is casual and feminine, as most of my looks are. My looks are also rather comfortable, and this would be  too, except that I cannot say I'm really comfortable wearing heels this high! So we cross-out the word "comfy" from the description of this look, but only because of the shoes!!
I wore this style on a Sunday afternoon with my family, I wanted to dress a little bit chicer but without it being too much, so I paired my pleated skirt with a plain white shirt, my unavoidable denim jacket and a pair of red stilettos. I think the red stilettos are making this whole look quite cool, and they give the touch of colour that uplifts the entire outfit. Without the red shoes, I think it would be very monotonous. To complete my look I wore red lipstick and a crossbody bag in brown tones.

It was a very long time since I own a pair of stilettos that was this high (10cm) and I must say " My feet remember" LOL. I don't care because I had much fun and many compliments so I really think I did the right thing keeping the shoes! Other than that, the pleated skirt was a bliss to wear, it is very comfortable, the fabric is so flowy and lightweight that the weak breeze would make it move so graciously, really pretty! I have tried other ways to wear this skirt, but they looked all more "dressy" while I was going more for a "relaxed-chic" kind of look, I will show you those on Instagram Stories.

What about you? do you like pleated skirts? Do you own one? 

Have a wonderful week,

Printed Pleated skirt in Blue tones from Esprit
Denim Jacket from H&M (older season, similar here)