Hello, sweeties! Happy Sunday!

It's time for a new "Fashion" post. In summer we like going out more, especially with the children, and that involves some playing and other activities that require outfits that allow me to be comfortable and that are easy to wash (small fingers dirty with chocolate ice cream, mud, and other unidentified substances will definitely be all over the place, LOL). But this doesn't mean you have to abandon every bit of style!! As a mom of young children, you have many options of simple, yet cute, pieces that will allow you to enjoy your day with the kids and look put together at the same time. Today I show you how I style a trendy piece like the Paperbag skirt in a super comfortable outfit to spend a hot summer afternoon outdoors with the family!!

One of the most important things in Summer clothing for me (if not THE most important) is the fabric. In fact, it is all about the fabric!  I suffer the hot weather a lot, so I really need my clothes to feel like nothing on me. I simply cannot stand wearing tight jeans or synthetic fabrics like nylon on me when the weather is too hot. I go for lighter, flowy and natural fabrics like cotton and linen. However, as we all know, clothes made in 100% cotton or linen, however comfortable they may be, they are quite difficult to entertain. They would need to be washed with cold water, they may shrink in the tumbler, they definitely need ironing after washing and they usually look all wrinkly and less than presentable at the end of the day.
As a mom, I don't have time for that much clothing hassle! That's why this summer I have adopted a special modern fabric which is a mix of Lyocell and Linen. This has literally changed my world!! Oh my, I'm soooooo pleased with it, it is lightweight like air, it is thin, fresh, flowy, it washes impeccably and doesn't need ironing if you leave it suspended to dry. But I felt like I won the lottery when I found this blue paperbag skirt in that fabric, it feels like nothing, it does not appear all wrinkly at the end of the day, it is trendy and super comfortable!

I am sure many brands are using this revolutionary way to mix linen and lyocell and I tell you this skirt won't be the last piece I will get in this fabric! I'm so glad I got it, I'm in love with!

My personal "mom fashion" advice: 
As you can see in my pictures, I chose to wear a blue skirt with a white top. White is definitely a brave choice when your plan is spending the day outdoors with your children! But I must also say, my children are 4 and 7 years old respectively. This is NOT a general rule by any means! but in my personal experience, I wouldn't wear white skirt or pants until my children would be a little older and more independent. As I didn't wear white tops when my children were toddlers, because it usually gets dirty, stained and it is very hard to remove stains from white clothes. But this is just my own experience, of course!! You do you! 

Today's look is casual, feminine and SUPER comfy. I wore this style on a Saturday afternoon with my family, our program included taking a boat to a near island, having a picnic in the meadows, having a walk in the nature (a casual walk, not real hiking) playing ball, eating ice cream and the casual javelin throw here and there (LOL). I would normally have chosen to wear wide jeans shorts and hiking shoes, but this time I wanted to dress a little bit chicer without losing the comfort. So I chose to wear my paper bag skirt with a white T-shirt and stylish light blue suede sneakers. To complete my look I wore a white Trilby hat and a hand made crossbody bag light colours.

A couple of years ago, I wouldn't have thought a skirt (or a dress) was an appropriate outfit to go play with the children outdoors, but I am happy I change that conception, because I was so comfy in it, I definitely haven't suffer the heat and was feeling fresh all the time.

What about you? Have you left style aside for mommyhood? Would you wear an outfit like this for a day outdoor with the kids?

Have a wonderful week,

White T Shirt with 3D flowers from Zara (old season)
Blue Linen Paperbag skirt from Esprit
Trilby hat with flower printed detail (similar here)
Light Blue Suede Sneakers from Esprit
Crossbody bag from Argentine artisan