Hello, sweeties! Happy Sunday!

I'm very excited to share my outfit post this week because it is about a piece I absolutely ADORE: a white broderie dress for summer!! White cotton or linen dresses are the perfect choice for your summer event, outdoor party, BBQ party, beach party, a simple picnic with your significant other, any family reunion, you name it! (Except a wedding, please, don't wear a white dress as a guest to a wedding, that's usually the colour reserved to the bride).
I know for moms in general white is not the most practical option, but I've wanted a white summer dress for so long, I just had to give in! Finding the right one wasn't an easy task. I ordered 7 different dresses (was that 8?)  from different shops until I found the one I wanted to keep. If you follow my Instagram Stories, you've seen and probably even voted for the dress I've finally kept, now I'm in love with it!! Were you wondering "how are you going to wear a white dress??", well, white goes practically with everything, you don't really need a tan to pull it off you just need the right white for you. Today, I am going to show you two of the many ways I style my white dress for different occasions and give you a few tips about finding the right dress for you!

I've already mentioned here that fabric is a very important thing when choosing Summer clothing for me. Cotton or linen garments are fresh and comfortable when the temperature rises! This year, cotton broderie dresses, especially white ones, are making a huge come-back. Almost every brand and clothing store has one to offer, so the alternatives are many and you can be sure to find one that suits you like a dream!!
Aren't you sure how to choose your dress? Here are some tips that can guide you, but remember, there are no absolute rules in fashion, so always follow your own taste and instinct!!

Choose the right "white"
- Not every "white" is the "same white". Raw cotton and linen are naturally off white, almost "cream" colour. A very pristine white is obtained through bleaching processes (using either chlorine or oxygenated water) and the results vary a lot!! All kinds of shades between the natural colour and pristine white can be found! If you think you look too pale dressing in white, try either a more pristine white (if you have cool undertones to your skin) or a more off-white (if your skin has warm or neutral undertones). There is a kind of white for everyone!

Choose your appropriate style
Of course, you can be creative and play with any style! The current trend of utilitary fashion offers lots of dresses with visible pockets and buttons, usually in the front of the dress. These are very trendy and great for summer, But as a general rule they ALSO are more casual and very difficult to style right for formal events. If you want your dress to be versatile enough to wear on every possible occasion, try to get it without any visible pockets or buttons! If you only want it for the weekends and running casual errands, go for it!

Choose a flattering cut
You know your body and the way you want to enhance your natural beauty, so you know better than anyone what fits right on you! If you're still not sure, as a general rule:
  • A fitted waist dress flatters "X" or "hourglass" shaped body (thinner waist, larger bust and hips)
  • "A" line dresses flatter androgyny figures (waist, bust and hips of similar size)
  • Empire cut dresses flatter bodies with a pear shape (hips larger than torse)
  • Straight cut dresses, or fuller skirts flatter inverted triangle figures (larger shoulders, thinner hips)
Above all choose what you feel comfortable with!
I know myself and I know I don't feel comfortable wearing dresses with a very short hemline. My limit is to the knee or slightly above it. Also, especially in summer, I need to feel free and fresh, so I prefer necklines which allow me to "breathe" LOL. I usually go for spaghetti strap or strapless dresses. But you do you, and choose whatever you feel comfortable with!!


Today's look number one
 is a more casual one, feminine and comfy. I chose to wear a scarf as a belt, to add a touch of colour and carry an XL silk shawl in the same colour range. Both accessories add fluid lines and keep the look quite "bohemian" and romantic so that the outfit stays pretty cool for any informal party, even a beach party. I wore it with flat sandals and braided hair for maximum comfort! The "scarf as belt" is a  fashion trick I use all the time! have you tried it??

Today's look number Two is a bit more formal, without it being too serious! It is feminine and flattering. I added a fitted blazer to my look, a leather belt, and high heeled sandals. The fitted jacket makes it office appropriate if you wanted to wear a white dress to the office, this would be my take on it. The cross bod bag and high heels makes it more "Urban" so this look is perfect for "summer in the city!".

I hope you enjoyed this post and it could be somehow helpful for you! I had a blast styling my dress, I think you could read my enthusiasm through these lines. This is now my favourite summer dress and don't be surprised if you find it again in a future post!

What about you? Are you giving in to the white summer dress trend this year?

Have a wonderful week,

White Summer Broderie dress (H&M on sale right now!!)
Flat sandals from LesTropeziènes (here)
Scarf to be worn as belt (similar here)
XL Silk Shawl (handmade, old season, similar here)
Fitted Blue Blazer (Stefanel, older season, similar here)
Rust Brown Leather belt (similar here)
Leather Wedge Sandals (Zara, old season, similar here)
Crossbody bag (Michael Kors, older season, similar here)