Hellooooooooooo! Is there anybody here??
After a long period without blogging AND/OR interacting in social media, I'm finally back... I may regret it. Or may be not. We shall see!
But what happened? why such a long hiatus after blogging for almost seven years? I'll try to explain all that below. But in the meantime, let me welcome you back to Polished Polyglot!

This has been the longest period of absence from my blog! 7 months have passed since I've posted regularly. I never thought of quitting blogging, just taking a break from it, intending to restart soon. But, somehow, I kept putting it off to a later date and now seven months have past!!
I'm still not completely sure re-launching the blog is a good idea. The thing is, I miss the old blogging days!

But wait, how come you've suddenly stopped blogging when you were publishing 5 times per week?! Well, it's difficult to explain, but easy to understand. You see, basically, I was fed up with it. Not exactly with blogging, but with everything around it. The traffic suddenly dropped 90% when Google+ was dismissed, the interaction was almost non-existant, I got sick of chasing social media updates and trying to have everything under control just burned me out. I felt I was working too hard with barely any satisfaction and I thought "It's time to take a break".

At the same time, my health was playing me some tricks. Last summer, I had a serious case of anaemia, due to my huge menstrual bleedings. I barely had the energy to do the minimum required to survive. I was feeling extremely tired, exhausted, to be honest. My doctor, who is also a woman, would not understand why the pills weren't doing any good, she wouldn't believe me when I told her "it's because I bleed too much every month". She also wouldn't "check me out "down there", that's gynaecologists area". So I went to an ob-gyn who told me I couldn't continue like that (it was already 5 months since I was diagnosed) and that she recommended an iron injection, but because of my insurance, it was my family doctor who had to sign the prescription. Guess what? My doctor wouldn't want to sign it! why? because "I'm not here to be commanded by an ob-gyn"... (insert facepalm emoji here). So I called the insurance and presented my case, they eventually authorised my ob-gyn to sign my prescription and the 28th November 2019 I finally got my first injection after 6 months of struggle.

Anaemia is awful, your haemoglobin levels can drop low to the point you barely have any strength to get up from your bed. But it is a minor problem because the solution is pretty straightforward (unless you have some kind of iron absorption problems, which I did not have). All you need is making sure your doctor is not a complete ass*ole.

Many important things happened to me last year, but I haven't talked about those with you! I've changed in so many ways I feel like a totally different person now. I embraced a healthier lifestyle, I fell in love with working out, walking is my new hobbie! Last year I walked 2600 kilometres! So proud of that, you guys wouldn't believe. I also eat a bit healthier, I'm much more informed than I used to be about the ingredients in foods and I pay a lot more attention to that. Not to mention I've lost 17 kg in the past 18 months.

Mentally wise, I feel I've grown up a bit becoming 40, I feel much younger, confident and beautiful than I was at 35, go figure!

I also discover a passion for organizing my house, somewhat decorating it too, although I'm not actually very good at it and I have a lot to learn. The thing is, my flat was a total mess, basically we had no furniture, or very little. BUT we own a lot of stuff (clothes, toys, cosmetics, books, etc.). So, basically, every room consisted of a place filled with piles of stuff, making it very difficult (impossible, really) to clean properly. I discover organizing and putting stuff away was really easy with just buying a couple of cupboards and a closet here and there (insert another facepalm emoji here). We are still making improvements to the house, but it already is so much neat and cleaner than it used to!

So these are the things that kept me busy in the past months, well, there is more, but I don't want to overwhelm you! LOL!

Today, I feel I have so many things to share with you! Not only the pretty nail colours, vivid makeup looks and cute little fashion pieces. I also want to share with you my new passions, fitness, healthy eating, home organizing and bits of my new love for planning and scrapbooking! I hope to be able to write at least twice per week to share all these little things of my life.

So, what have you been up to all this time I've been away? Tell me about it in the comments!