Sep 26, 2016

Makeup │ Bubbly pink champagne [Monday Shadow Challenge]

(Défilez vers le bas pour le français)

Hello, my lovelies, Bonjour!
How was your weekend? Here the Autumn school break has started, so my "big" boy is at home for a few days (three weeks!) Honestly? I still don't get the Swiss school system, they just had 5 weeks of school and now three weeks off. what is it like in your country?
If everything goes as expected, we'll be leaving next week for a very short vacation, trying to make up for our not so great summer vacation last July (if you're curious why they weren't great, check here). But don't worry, because I already have a few posts prepared for you during my absence!.
Today the Monday Shadow Challenge proposes today the shade "Champagne", say Cheers!

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