Mar 27, 2017

Makeup │ Spring look inspired by Pantone color 2017 "Greenery" [Monday Shadow Challenge]

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I'm chatty this Monday, so let's chat a little bit.
Have you noticed how people seem to always know what you SHOULD or SHOULDN't do? Especially with makeup. I mean, it is makeup for GOSH SAKE. Every Monday for almost a year now, I've been sharing with you all my makeup looks for the Monday Shadow Challenge. I've done quite a few of those, and some were rrreeeeaaally heavy makeup, in-yo-face colours, others were very soft, well, whatever I was feeling like to wear at the moment and whatever the chosen colour inspired me. There are not "should" and "shouldn't", in my opinion, everyone is free to wear makeup the way he/she fancies the most!
What do you think about this subject? I am really curious to know your opinion!

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