Feb 23, 2018

Nail art │Silicon Soak Off Caps from BeautyBigBang Store

Hello, lovelies! Happy Friday!
Today I'm super excited because this afternoon we'll be hosting my son's birthday party. We invited 10 of his schoolmates and ALL of them confirmed their presence. It gives me satisfaction to know that my son is loved and appreciated at school :) We had a small celebration on the 21st -his actual birthday- but it was only us and my hubby's dad, we had dinner and I made a birthday chocolate cheesecake. Today, we'll host the children's party, with balloons, games, candy and cake and on Sunday we'll be inviting some friends and family to celebrate (again). It sounds crazy, but in Argentina, many people do multiple reunions to celebrate and I find it natural. Do you also do multiple celebrations for birthdays?

Well, enough digressing, let's talk about nail art. More precisely, today I'll present you a tool and method to remove soak-off gel nail polish, or semi-permanent nail polish, with minimum hassle and minimum waste. Is that possible? Well yes! Thanks to the awesome Silicon Soak Off Caps from BeautyBigBang Store*. Keep reading to find out more!

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