This post is for all my dears vampires addicts, and for the beauty addicts, too. I've already written a sneak peek about this collection here and I showed you what were my picks. Today I'd like to show you two out of four polishes in this collection.

04 Edward's Love
First is 04 Edward's Love. A nice leaning to sheer black based polished packed mostly with very fine black and silver glitter, but other colours are also there what makes it a little more interesting. This one was a little sheer on the first coat, but the second gave it total opacity.

02 Alice had a vision - Again

Second one is 02 Alice had a vision - again. this one has a dark purple base and has loads of very fine purple and turquoise glitter. This polish is a total surprise and I love it. I picked it because it's purple, and I never say no to purple. In the bottle it looks really dark, but one on the nail the shimmer pops beautifully!  I did 2 coats without top coat.

The formula in both polishes is nice, making application smooth and self leveling. It does dry with a little texture, but it is not gritty. You may want to use a topcoat, I didn't use one for the swatches. To learn more about the Essence The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection click here.

Are you into this vampire vague? 


Note: due to the lack of proper artificial lightening for taking photos I totally depend on the sun, and, well, it decided not to come out today. So I'm posting several pictures of each, I just couldn't decide since I find them all terrible.
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