Oct 28, 2012

Essence Nail polishes swatches: the Twilight saga Breaking Dawn Part 2

This post is for all my dears vampires addicts, and for the beauty addicts, too. I've already written a sneak peek about this collection here and I showed you what were my picks. Today I'd like to show you two out of four polishes in this collection.

04 Edward's Love
First is 04 Edward's Love. A nice leaning to sheer black based polished packed mostly with very fine black and silver glitter, but other colours are also there what makes it a little more interesting. This one was a little sheer on the first coat, but the second gave it total opacity.

02 Alice had a vision - Again

Second one is 02 Alice had a vision - again. this one has a dark purple base and has loads of very fine purple and turquoise glitter. This polish is a total surprise and I love it. I picked it because it's purple, and I never say no to purple. In the bottle it looks really dark, but one on the nail the shimmer pops beautifully!  I did 2 coats without top coat.

The formula in both polishes is nice, making application smooth and self leveling. It does dry with a little texture, but it is not gritty. You may want to use a topcoat, I didn't use one for the swatches. To learn more about the Essence The Twilight Saga Breaking Dawn Part 2 Collection click here.

Are you into this vampire vague? 


Note: due to the lack of proper artificial lightening for taking photos I totally depend on the sun, and, well, it decided not to come out today. So I'm posting several pictures of each, I just couldn't decide since I find them all terrible.
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  1. This time of the year is awful! I was so happy when I saw the sun while I got up. I literally hurried to capture my holo nail art ;D haha :D
    The polishes really felt vampire:ish however I'm getting fed up with the vampire trend going on in the movies, I think it's too much and it gets diluted if you see what I mean. But I like that polish brand gets inspired by them since I like vampy polishes, they are so autumn like and cozy. :D

    1. Hi Gelic, thanks for reading and commenting.
      Honestly I've never been into the "vampire's vague" so, I just like the colours and the theme seems suitable at the end of October LOL!
      Let's not talk about the Weather... we had snow, SNOW!?? how crazy is that?

  2. Oohh The Alice had a vision - again polish looks so pretty! And perfect, I hate gritty polishes, it drives me crazy lol. Its very vampire-vogue! Essence is another brand I really need to try out! Hope your having a great weekend :)

    1. Thanks Ithfifi! Alice had a vision is my favourite too. I hate gritty stuff too, but no issues with these even without topcoat.
      I hope your weekend was nice too!

  3. No conocía tu blog, pero al ver tu comentario en mi entrada, me he puesto a echarle un vistazo y me gusta, así que tienes una seguidora más ;)


    1. Gracias! Me encantó el nombre de tu blog, porque me identifica, jaja, además eres muy buena con el nail art.

  4. Don't care about the saga - love the polishes!!! Must get my claws on these soon)

    1. Same thing for me! Thanks for commenting natalsie, I like your blog.

  5. I love Alice had a vision - again

  6. belleza colores oscuros de uñas


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